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Dream Enchantress PVP Queries

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by Foxy Neko, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Foxy Neko

    Foxy Neko IncGamers Member

    May 28, 2007
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    Dream Enchantress PVP Queries


    I am building a dual dream enchantress to try to do some PVP. I looked up many guides and for the final setup of my enchantress I inspired (copied) Rickster built:

    20 telekinesis
    20 lightning mastery
    20 enchant
    8 energy shield
    4 warmth
    1 fire mastery
    20 thunderstorm

    I choosed this built because with TS I can see minions and enemy being strike by lightning

    For the Gear, until now I have:

    Dream Helm: 15ed Bone Visage 19res
    Dream Shield: 14ed Troll Nest 19res
    Passion: Need to switch to a 15ed, but did not find one yet
    Arach: 119ed (Why am I always 1ed off or 1res off :'( )
    Metalgrid: 34 Res
    Raven: (was short on Dext so use 20dex 247ar raven): Should I switch for SOJ???
    Glove: I have tried LoH and Magefist, I like the 20ias on LoH, any adviced on gloves?

    Armor: Thats the big question, I am using a 34res Viper right now....I have seen on Forum CoH, Gangel, Treachery....Need Some advice here.

    CTA/lideless on switch

    20/14 Storch (need to hunt a 20/20)
    16/19 anni (Found it on Dclone while was waiting to trade for troll nest :p)
    Some life/mana Sc, res charm

    Need to get Light Gc now

    So now I have mainly 2 queries:
    1. Gear: What should I use for as armor? Is there anything I can improve in my gear?
    2. I am not sure how to split my life and mana....As I use ES, should I go all mana, or should I put some points in life still? If so what ratio?
  2. frozzzen

    frozzzen IncGamers Member

    Apr 2, 2009
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    Re: Dream Enchantress PVP Queries

    I'm not expert on those girls but here is my 0.2c:

    Dream helm, and shield of your choice. Personally I would go for no block and invest all in energy. Since you are going to have Light GCs I would go for full 95% ES with max TK.

    My build would be something like:
    Dream Diadem
    Dream Tower Shiled
    2/17fcr sorceress amulet
    Passion PB
    Jeweler's light armor (preferably, but any would do) of Whale socketed with 3 x 15IAS/mana jools (allresist if you are rich) and Cham
    2 x SoJ

    This would allow you to have 45 IAS from armor and 25 from passion (iirc 65 IAS is needed to hit fastest zeal bp with PB for sorceress), huge mana pool with Frosties and SoJs, CBF so you won't get slowed and 37 fcr for somewhat decent teleporting speed.
    I don't know if AR would be issue but I would use lite GCs and some mana/life small charms. Enchant gives you nice AR anyway.
    If you go for max block only thing that you would need to change is Dream shield type for some shield with better blocking (ie. your Troll nest) and invest more into dex.

    And NO to maxed Thunderstorm. If you have lvl 40 TS with your gear (20 points in skill) you will deal exactly 53.8 dmg more then by investing only one point when we consider PvP penalty and 75% enemy LR (since you don't have method of lowering it, like Griffon or facets).
    There are much better ways to spend those points.

    Hope this was helpful.
  3. Millard

    Millard IncGamers Member

    Jul 7, 2009
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    Re: Dream Enchantress PVP Queries

    i hope this isn't considered off topic but i've never seen anyone make a dream sorc actually work for PvP.

    you have two problems: 1 you have no way of catching anyone who's ranged, and 2 you don't have enough attack rating to kill any serious melee class.

    let me elaborate:

    vs melee you don't have enough attack rating to hit consistantly so you'll miss most of the time and you don't have any strong defenses (no defense, low block) so you'll die in 3 sec. You do have ES which is better than nothing but ES alone will not keep you alive vs any decent melee class. Most PvP melee toons have 10k, 20k, 30k or more defense. I have no idea how a dream sorc gets anywhere near that much AR to hit them consistantly. You'd need dual angelics for sure but even with that i think you'll almost always lose vs any melee barb or pally... you're just going to be swinging at air while they hit you 2 or 3 times then you die.

    and vs casters you actually have to catch them which i don't think you can. You can teleport on top of them then zeal and one shot them, but that will only work if they're stupid or lagging.

    basically what i'm saying is the only dream sorc that i've seen kill people in the various pug dueling games i've joined was the one who stood right near town and opportunistically walked out then whacked people. Then went back in town. I don't think there is any way to make a dream sorc into a serious dueling class.

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