Draydon, The HC 99 Adventurer.


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I'm not a great story teller so I plan to use this thread for a few things, basically constant updates on Draydon but also to earn trust here in the community, I don't have a ton of credentials for this place here so this will be my journey. :)

I'm going to end up with a Hammerdin, using a HF merc. While leveling and until I'm done farming Andy in Nightmare however I will be doing a Zeal/Holy fire setup and using one of my stat resets once I have an insight.

I will more than likely be doing the run/clearing on P8 with farming done on P3 which is what I usually do, until I get to LK then it will be P8 the entire time until gear is found.

I will more than likely only update with questing and big upgrades. Once I'm at under 100 Grail pieces I may start posting those aswell. Not sure which grind I'll do harder the grail or the 99 adventure. :)


Level 99 (Will be my first post 1.10)


Dead is dead.
GoMule - I've never played on 1.14 so I'm going to be using this to store stuff for other characters/myself.
Have fun.

This is going to be a very casual run, will take some time until I get Enigma than I will be going hard. I personally have been doing P8 HC for some time now and am just tired of the grind and the risks with playing on P8 all the time, this is a long term character not a rushed character so I am going to just have some fun. :)

Meet Draydon, the purifier. :)

Very first kill in the den I managed to find this, will definitely speed up the den haha.

Decided to to Players 8 anyways the entire time, will document. :)

Raven was really easy with that scepter and gave me a nice upgrade!

Upgrade, bumps my holy fire damage and physical damage, can't say I've been so lucky with weapons this fast. :D

Rescued my homie cain from the depths of his old village!

Here I am sitting at the Black marsh WP, it's faster to go from Dark wood to countess.. Going to be farming Tal + Eth and El + Tir for progression.

Countess went down really fast.

So yeah as I said, going to be farming Tal + Eth and El + Tir and shopping a 2os Flail, then go go time. :)
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Steel runeword is TirEl, not ElTir. You wont be able to shop a 2os flail till Fara Act2, so your best bet for act1 is either a morningstar or power shop a good socketed scepter from Akara. And remember to go down to /p1 when you approach the countess: her rune drops are better in p1 than p8.

I also recomend this guide https://www.diabloii.net/forums/threads/a-guide-to-untwinked-single-pass-hc-play-v0-2.660255/ . Its aimed at single pass but its a great source of info for untwinked play in general.

Good luck and keep up with the good work!
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Good luck with your project, and quite a feat. HC Guardians are awesome, and even more so are HC 99'ers!

Jiansonz guide to Early Game MF/Single Pass (https://www.diabloii.net/forums/threads/guide-to-untwinked-single-pass-early-game-magic-finding.620901/) is worth a read. Most players over the years have followed it with Tournament Characters, and personally (HC only,) I use it through Normal and Nightmare as much as possible. This guide is intended for Single Pass/Untwinked, so feel free to adapt whatever suits you, but Normal/NM are fairly standard in terms of key items and character requirements.

To be perfectly honest, basically any build/item composition/stat/skills can go through Normal, and most of Nightmare, so much of it comes down to playstyle. After that, it becomes a combination of playstyle, skill, stats and items.
Insight is fairly easy to come by, but the 4os Polearm (NOT spear-class) is late Normal (Socket quest possible IIRC if you refer to ilvls,) will help a lot. An Insight wielding Prayer merc can hold his own for quite some time, or you can mix and match auras as a Paladin yourself.

Good luck, and feel free to post here, IFT, EMB, and wherever suits. Check out the Mat/Pat/Guardian thread for similar Paladins, and again, good luck!


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I do have some questions after all my @'s and before my thread continues. :D


Thanks for the non-semantics. :D I'm always looking for info/things to improve and criticism. :D


I appreciate the information, definitely meant Tir + El haha, most of the stuff in the guide I knew... A few big ones I didn't know about were re-rolling specific axes in hell, re-rolling to get a 2OS polearm in norm, when to start crafting certain recipies as you progress and the range of a pike vs the rest so that he can reach past minions if you have the, that's really helpful. I have been playing D2 since like 3 months of release so I feel I know my stuff but when I read on things I dont, or maybe have forgotten I love it. :D


First I want to say it's weird how close your name is to my characters. :D Second, Thanks you sir! and I'll read that guide thanks! I've never really thought of "MFing" as you level at all, I play on HC P8 most of the time, this time I want to make it a story however. I usually just get to Nightmare and then farm the gear I need and progress, didn't think about what I can do to speed up the farming/MF% Process.



Question 1, other than a spreadsheet... Does anyone know of a good way to keep track of a grail list?

Question 2, is there a way in Go Mule to stack items instead of listing them like gems ect? I'm really enjoying GoMule, never used it before. It's quite handy. I assume I can do anything in it except move stuff on and off my character unless I am off the character?

Question 3, is there an easy way to transfer my character between my laptop and my desktop while also keeping GoMule intact? I play a lot at work and I have another character I play at home but I want to make this my primary I believe.


On to progression. :D

I've decided that I'm going to do all quests & Wp's with the exception of handing in Charsi's hammer (saving that for Tiara's later, have to find recommended level), and getting the WP towards Nihilak because I want to be able to farm pindle. :)

While looking for Tal + Eth and Tir + El I found me my first set. :)

I also found a very nice shield upgrade, I probably wont put gems in it as I'll be shopping drognan once I'm in A2!

Found Tal + Eth!

Forgot a photo, but also found El shortly after, in between all the runs I found :

1 El
1 Eld
3 Eth
3 ITh
2 Ned
1 Ral
8 Tal
4 Tir

Dominated Mr. Smith. ;)

Got all the A1 Norm WP's. :)

Andy was very easy, players 8 confirmed kill.

I would honestly have to say that my biggest downfall when I play is I take an insane ammount of risk with my health a lot, I often enjoy the feeling of being on the brink of death haha.


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GoMule has a feature built in called "Flavie", which is basically a .html document that is created when you run a "report" within GoMule. This .html document when opened in a web browser shows your status of all the items you have in GoMule.


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That's most certainly a project I'm following. Hammerdonts and HC are sort of my thing :rolleyes:

If you're using RWM - Prayer Merc /w Insight is what I ran on both my HC CS Hammerdins and I didn't miss the HF one bit. The health regen is so handy I can't give it up. Ever. More specifically the setup was VGaze/eBugged Forti/1.07 Thresher Insight.

SPF 99er Compendium is going to be a great read in your case even with the 20y experience of the game it's still good stuff.

Insight is fairly easy to come by, but the 4os Polearm (NOT spear-class) is late Normal (Socket quest possible IIRC if you refer to ilvls,) will help a lot. An Insight wielding Prayer merc can hold his own for quite some time, or you can mix and match auras as a Paladin yourself.
I strongly recommend saving the Socket quest for something end-game worthy rather then this. Since you'll only have access to 3 of them.
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2 routes I use when playing on different pcs.

1, save your .d2s files on a network shared folder (if you have a way to vpn)

Or lowtech:

2, thumb drive it. Drag your files on and off, this way you have less chances of accidentally duplicating stashes, or overwriting a newer save with an older one.


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With the NoCD pack in the stickies and some registryedit mojo you can throw both Diablo and GoMule on a flash drive and use it portable. An external hard drive would be a much better solution btw. Just install it on one PC and edit the registry on the other so it recognizes the gameinstall on the external drive. Sounds much more complicated than it actually is :rolleyes:


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Thanks for that, it's a rather beautiful file aswell if I may add. :)


I want to say thanks but I don't know you well enough to tell if you're serious or if you're pulling my leg. xD I'm going to test the Prayer Merc w/ Insight setup you're referring too, I always went defiance merc but I can see how it could help to have regen instead. I'm hoping that I have RWM setup properly on both computers so I don't have to restart. -_-

I will also read the thread you referred to at work when I'm not playing. :D And the NoCD thing is easy, haven't used a CD in ages, the reggedit is a bit over my head only because I don't know what I have to change it too. I honestly think I found an easy way, I've mapped GoMule to my thumb drive as Z on desktop and will on laptop and then I just have to transfer character files between the two computers and make sure I upload screenshots in order, other than that it's all good.


I 100% will be saving my socket set for an end game item like Shako / mercs Gface ect.


Yeah, I will just use a thumb drive for now, may try something online in the future, would hate to leave my thumb drive at work and can't play all weekend. xD

Question 1.... Is there a way to change where GoMule saves to for the backup? Wouldn't mind it saving elsewhere, I suppose I can just back it up online however once a day or whatever.

Sorry for the delay in uploading and putting up Drydons progress today, was a busy day but I did get some play time in. :) due to all the attempted moving things around these may also be slightly out of order but went off memory the best I could.

I read the untwinked runners guides and decided it would be best to get the cube before doing Rad, never done that before, however while I was hunting for the waypoint I found my first unique. :)

Then I made my way to the cube of awesomeness. :)

After that I decided to shop my 2OS Flail for Steel / 2OS BoneShield for Rhyme and found this shield in the process. :)

A little bit more hunting, found my Flail for steel!

Drognan really didn't want to let this one go, took longer than it should have...

Done all required shopping for now, ended up going to kill Rad, ultra easy.

Went on to kill the bug queen for the Staff

And the Serpent Queen for the Amulet. :)

That was all for today, Draydons adventures will continue this tomorrow and through the weekend. :)


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i see them too! Please keep the adventures of drayden comming! oh if you say you play on p8 we tend to believe you without the screenshot evidence ;) (meaning you can leave the chat window out of the screenshots for my part, netting you with nicer screenshots to look at).

Anyways keep up the good work! 99 is a long long long way.


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Odd. When I try to open the image in a new tab, I get this error that says "cannot find IP of image.ibb.co server".


I'm guessing it's a country issue?


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My images are loading fine here. They load up in the main window, so I don't need to click them or open new tabs.

Drystan is somewhat a form of old english/welsh history. Also, a potential form of Trystan & Iseult, from somewhere around Celtic origin. I used to love old english/Celtic tales/folklore/history, so that's one of the origins.

I believe an A5 polearm could have 4os from Larzuk, but I wasn't saying that's the best use of the Quest. Polearms drop often enough, and there's a Cube recipe for randomising the number of sockets, whereas Larzuk adds the maximum number of sockets possible. It's just a possible option, depending on your needs, however, allowing re-running/farming, the runes and polearms would be available to get one without using Larzuk.
As to socketing an end-game item with a single socket, the benefit of that is arguably pretty low. Yes, it'd help more than an item that is readily available by end-game stage, but in my mind, we're talking minute benefits. In terms of survival, playstyle/awareness will be much more beneficial than any particular socketed item at any stage. Just my experience, and not relevant at this stage.

All (that I can recall) of my chars have gone with Prayer/Insight. It allows the character and all minions/summons to survive throughout the early stages, and provide enough damage as well. Defiance diminishes heavily with certain dangerous mobs having Ignore Target Defense, or simply bypassing character defense. Prayer can keep you topped up regardless, so you can keep more potions available. Perhaps it's just a playstyle preference, but as said, it is my personal preference through countless Guardians.

Quick progress so far through Act 1 and 2, so keep it coming! :D


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I'm guessing it's a country issue?
It could be, but I think it also could be that, but I also am unable to see the images when I am on my work computer, so it may be a policy thing for me. I do not get the same error you are getting. I just get the image clipped, so I see:

icon of a broken pic with after it


If I log in from home or from my phone I see the pics.


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I appreciate it man, just never want any doubt so I try to be thorough. :D i suppose it is cleaner however the other way!


I did some checking, it seems it could be chrome or a dns issue on your end, others seem fine


Yeah, definitely allowing re-running and farming, this is a long term guy not a single pass guy. :) I also swapped to a Prayer merc (in all my years I have never unless playing with someone, we take different mercs) and already am seeing the benefits of healing as I run around and stuff. I like it, appreciate the recommendation.


That's really weird, could it maybe be a browser thing than?


In GoMule, is there a way to change the RUNE colors when you open them? In the program they are all RED and it's very hard to read them... I'd prefer a green or something but cant seem to find a config file. :/

I assume Edge is probably the first RW I can make to test if I did RWM properly right? If I didn't do it properly, is the character void or can I just fix the text stuff?


Back to the walk, hopefully get a lot done today and hit NM or close to :)

As a note, the entire walk will be done on P8 other than re-runs/farming, countess will be /P1 and any other farming will be /P3+, LK will be P8.

I decided to follow the guides for untwinked single pass to get better items and shopped a 3OS breastplate, still need some topaz!

Threw some chippeds in my helm

Bought some boots

and shopped Some Gloves

Quite quickly found something worthwhile! These will help once I get up to diablo here shortly. :D

Also found a nice charm with dual stats

Tried to make Mizan a better weapon

But just my luck, junk...

2nd attempt and don't want to spend anymore. :/

We managed to find the summoner on the second attempt, baller. :D

Got all A2 Wp's!

Found another nice charm on my way to Duriel!

Not the worst drops ever, some grail stuff and money potential!
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Thanks man, I appreciate it. Never done a write up before so I'm glad you like it. :D


Yes, I'm aware it was decent but I needed 4 levels to wear it and felt like I could find/make better and I luckily was right. :)


Thank you sir. :)


1)I'd still like to know if anyone knows how to change the font color in GoMule, the runes stash tab kills my eyes.


I'm hoping I find AMN before nightmare so I can make Edge and be sure I have RWM enabled properly.

Draydon continued on his adventure today, his merrily way. :D

We left town and immediatly found a mysterious figurine. :)

Our first set ring, this +MF stuff really helps... I think I'm over 100 now, I've been cubing magic rings and amulets trying to get more but not having any luck.. Also haven't managed to gamble a good circlet yet.

Cathans will help DR/LL

Khalim's Eye, I was expecting this spider to put up a fight because I'm fire but it literally made me chase it around...

Found a better polearm with our favorite recipe.... for now, hopefully make a better one in the near future.

Found our friend carrying the butter knife. :)

The butterknife reward was definitely the best I think I've ever gotten, almost all usefull stats and so early. :/

To bad we aren't LLDing in single player..

Khalim's Brains were next on the bucket list, I honestly have never seen a map like this for Flayer-3, it's always outside in, this was middle split. :/

Oh boy. :/ If only I was a WC baba!

Yet another good charm... Not finding res gear so this will have to do!

And yet another one, dual mod no less. :)

The tomb of knowledge, +stats!

I walked through LK / K and then dropped sewers, come up in UK to grab last WP then head to council!

Made another one but I feel like the poison damage is just better.

We hooked on to the flail.

And smashed the orb!

We followed the smoke and found a giant dungeon with an un-runnable map. :(

And we killed the skeleton wilderbeast himself. :)

Our journey will continue on it's way through to the depths of hell. :)