"draw a horsie"


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"draw a horsie"

Draw a horse and post the picture here. Random polls indicate that 76.3% of the population believes horses are the most beautiful animals in the world, and a similar poll suggests that 84% of professional shoelace makers would rather draw a horse than be left alone with Michael Jackson.



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are professional shoelaces makers all chinese 5 year old kids that are working for nearly nothing ins sweat shops with big scary men w/ whips forcing them to weave fasterbehind them?


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Steel_Avatar said:
I fully expect most of you to say Huh?

I think Aero and Zarikdon will get this though :D
Tsk tsk...shouldn't that be a _cow_ and not a horse? ;) (Well, as far as I've heard it at least)

And zarikdon, I call "bull" on yours too ;)

Isolde212 said:
This is the best drawing ever. It is now my new background. I love it!!!! :thumbsup:

I have done photoshop for nearly 7 years now. . .glad all those years of work are paying off. . .