Dragon Tail pvp?


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Dragon Tail pvp?

Is dragon Tail for pvp good? perhapes it will be good with support of skills like venom,dragon talon?(so u can switch due to situations)


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yes, it may be powerful w/ dmg, but in hell, you will find that you will be weak as hell, in hell because there is lots of fire immune, and it will take away about 7/8 of your damage, and that will suck a lot... i went w/ dtalon build

20-BoS (yes i know really excessive)
5-shadow master

The main thing for a kick sin, is crushing blow, that is because, you are kicking about 4 kicks per cast, 2 casts per second (atleast), and you should have upp'd gore's, and a ton of other crushing blow adders, and open wounds, and deadly strike (I think it transfers to kicks). with the right equipment, you can easily have 75% crushing blow; 50% open wounds; 15%deadly strike, and with dtalon, you can do about 1-1.5 dmg per kick...pretty good IMO.