%DR n Battle Cry


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%DR n Battle Cry

Juz asking..
Do those two stack to give %DR above e 50%DR cap frm equipment?
A lvl 20 Battle Cry n 50%DR frm equipment giving ard 90+%DR seems too gd to b true..


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correct, if you have 40% DR form BCry and 50% DR from equipment, you get 70% reduction of physical damage.

The major drawback with BCry is its limited range - you can only BCry monsters that are very close. Also, the first skill point invested is the most valuable - the 2nd most valuable skill point you invest is the 20th. You should either invest 1 pt or 15-20 pts.


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Battle Cry is a wonderful skill. High level BC + straight damage reduction (i.e. from the suffix "Life Everlasting" and the Sol rune) can make a character practically immune against most physical attacks.

The curse Weaken (which i.e. the unique gloves Soul Drainer can bless any character with) has a similar effect.

Another useful thing with BC is that it lowers the enemy's defense.


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I think Kefir hit the nail on the head - to me, the main benefit of BC is that it's one of only three skills in the game (the other two being Weaken and Decrep) that allow you to reduce an enemies damage by a percentage and then deduct from that damage with straight DR.

I'd been thinking about making an uber-tank Frenzy barb using this feature and weapons with the 'slows target mod', but I just don't play enough D2 to build such a specialized character at this point.