Double swing GAINS mana?


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I believe it's shown in-game as even more -mana than that, I seem to remember my frenzier having -4 mana double swing. And it's the same for magic arrow. I've heard it just costs 0 mana.

I'm going to go test it in -act5.

Ok, the in-game difference is that the game does not show decimal mana costs. So as you increase your points in the skill the mana cost goes from 1, to disapearing, to being -1, to -2. I spent all of mana leaping, and then double struck over and over. My mana never went up by 2 at a time, and my mana replenished at the same rate whether I was double striking or idling.

Ash Housewares

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I don't believe it does anything except stop costing mana, in the 1.10 beta it was set up in such a way that at lvl9 it stopped costing mana and stayed at zero, since then, although it has changed in terms of display, I don't believe they changed it in practice, but I could be wrong if it has since been fixed to match the skill description

I haven't maxed it out, I'm basing my theory on the fact that at lvl6, when it should cost zero mana, it still costs mana and seemingly follows the same pattern as DS did in beta

I'd be interested in seeing myself proved wrong though

edit - you since edited while I was typing my post, it seems my theory is still accurate


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Allright, so that settles it. Basically, it doesn't gain you mana.

I guess the GFraizer should switch it back ^^