Double Swing Barbarian advices needed


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Hi everyone, good day to you all.

This is using only DS and maxed synergy of Bash. I really don't like the speed boost of Frenzy (very hard to control and i miss a lot so get hit so much) and will have no point on that. Using 2x Baranar's Star and i want to try Stone Crusher and Schaefer's Hammer on switch.

1. Stone Crusher for %40 CB and +30 STR. (1 socket available, so advices here too)
Schaefer's Hammer for %20 IAS and chance to cast Static Field. (1 socket available, so advices here too)
Which one should be the main weapon to get best of this combination?
2. As this build will be mostly the SP build; should i max Iron Skin or Shout for highest defense? Or should i raise both?
3. Defiance merc or Blessed Aim merc?

Any help much appreciated, thanks.


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Max Bash but only put 10 on Double Swing for the mana -bonus. Then put 20 on Battle Cry for the defence and damage bonus. In hell you're going to want to lock up some monsters with War Cry, so about 5 on there. Max BO and make sure you use Grim Ward for another defensive bonus and 5 of Howl for even more defence. Use Demon Limb for the Enchant and a dagger or wand with Life Tap on switch.

Put Bash on left mouse button and DS on mouse wheel scroll up and Battle Cry on mouse wheel scroll down. Run up to a monster and hit Battle Cry and then mouse wheel into double swing hovering your cursor over the monster. If things get hairy make sure you have Grim Ward, Howl and War Cry hot-keyed and get in the habit of weapon switching to use Life Tap.