Double Mat Thread


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Double Mat Thread

Prepare for a long thread.

Over the past six months I've made two sorcs for very specific purposes, one for running the countess and one for running pindle and meph. Obviously the pindle runner had to reach act 5 but the coutess runner only needed to reach act 1 and for a long time she stayed there until I decided I could reach hellforge quick enough to be more profitable (potentially) than countess running. Once I was there, and my other sorc sitting about halfway through act 5 I decided to mat them both and, just for fun, do it in the same game. So here they are.

Eclat lvl ** Sorc (Lightning - Countess runner)

Skills/Stats (base/gear)

Charged Bolt 20/33
Lightning 20/33
Chain Lightning 20/33
Lightning Mastery 20/35
Teleport 11/24
Warmth 1/9
Fire Bolt 1/9 (Still upset about accidentally hitting the wrong skill)
Other Prereqs 1/14

Strength 82/84
Dexterity 45/81
Vitality 230
Energy 148/169
Life 961
Mana 717
Stam 381

Stat Points left: 10

Resistances 75/75/75/15

CL damage 5 - 7118
Lightning Damage 5 - 16K

Tals Complete Set
Natalya's Souls
Two rare rings with lots of resists
6 Light Skillers and a 30% gheeds
several small poison resist charms

Eclat reached Hell at the whomping level of 62. I started playing at p8 and then dropped to p1 and decided I would runn bosses to get levels before moving to the next dificulty, then I decided to scrap that too. At lvl 63 she reached the countesses castle and immediately setup camp. She found a good map and has been teleporting to the countesses chamber all the way up to lvl ** (around 2000 runs).

About the only odd thing about this is extra points in energy and teleport. I'm quite happy about both of these, there is nothing like being able to regen mana while teleporting, very helpful against the ancients. (Hellforge drop Ko :confused: )

IceMistress lvl ** Sorc (Blizz - Pindle/Meph runner)

Skills/Stats (base/gear)

Blizzard 20/32
Glacial Spike 20/32
Ice Blast 20/32
Ice Bolt 14/26
Cold Mastery 20/32
Teleport 1/8
Static 1/8
Warmth 1/8
Other Prereqs 1/?

Strength 95/97
Dexterity 67/91
Vitality 268/270
Energy 35/37
Life 909
Mana 445
Stam 421

Stat Points left: 60

Resistances 75/49/75/-7

Blizz Damage 5966 - 6257

Shako (PTopaz)
Tal's Amulet
IceMistress's Death's Fathom (5/5 cold facet)
Tal's Guardianship (PTopaz)
Moser's Blessed Circle (2x PDiamond)
Ali Baba (2x Ist)
Rhyme Grim Shield
Chance Guards (37%MF)
Tal's belt (14%MF + 65%MF set bonus)
Manald Heal
Nagelring (25% MF)
5 chilling GCs and a 30% gheeds
6-7 7% sc and a few resist sc

IceMistress reached Hell at lvl 73 and Pindle at lvl 74, which she ran until lvl **. I leveled her a bit better, mostly because she just destroyed everything (pre-hell, i.e. pre CIs) at any player settings. She carries about 560 MF right now. She got a Lem from her Hellforge Drop.

Matting them together turned out to be a bit of a hastle but is still cool.


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double congrads.

By the way how did you "mat them together" did you move one onto another computer and have a lan game, did you get a friend to play one of them for you? inquiring minds would like to know.



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I did move one to another computer but I played them both myself. The computers are right next to each other but it was still quite a hassle.


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I wouldn't at all be disappointed about your hellforge drop. They go together in nice runewords IIRC.


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Nice double mat :clap:

Lem and a Ko? Not the greatest but nothing to be dissappointed about. My first character (now no longer living) got an Io. :eek:

Dave in the basement

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Congratulations! :D

How did the battles with the Ancients go? My sorc is waiting for some MP assistance in that area, unless I roll them with some decent mods.

Happy hunting!

Dave :teeth:


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They were both similar, I rerolled a few times till I only had one ancient with immunity to the damage type. Spammed CL or Blizz and ran (actually teleported away). It was a bit safer with my Light sorc because she could teleport in big circles while her mana regened. After a little bit of spamming and running, two ancients were dead and my merc could usually handle the third with only an occasional potion.

I think I actually took down an FE Ancient on one of them, I almost got 1 hit killed while the ancients were off screen but I kept dropping blizzard and killed of two before too long.

Besides the CI or LI, the mods were not a huge bother, teleporting kept me and my merc safe and I didn't have to be close to hit the ancients. Each time it took about 15 minutes total with several rerolls and a couple partial battles due to merc deaths with a CI or LI Ancient left.