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Hi, I'm somewhat of a newb, but I have my first MF character, a CL/FO Sorc lvl76 in Hell. Just now I killed Hell Mephisto for the second time (being my first real MF run against him) and he dropped Doombringer, the unique champion sword (with a nearly perfect damage roll). I had about 120 MF on and the ATMA Drop calc says I had a 1/11000 chance of getting it. It seems like a pretty darn good sword, but I just want to know what its worth, what its good for, if I should be celebrating :cool:, etc. Thanks


Congrats. That sword isn't worth too much anymore with all the overpowered runewords around. It's still good for untwinked play, or on a mercenary. It's a nice weapon regardless, but as far as value is concerned, people will not pay too much for it.


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for a price check use the trade values forum and be sure to post your realm and if your ladder or hardcore

its a good sword for a barb hireling, nice ll but there are better

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There was a time (1.09-) when this sword was really good, along with the Grandfather. Now with all the new 1.10+ runewords (Breath of the Dying, Oath, Grief, etc...), it's worth close to nothing :hanky:...