Doom vs Infinity for fishy merc


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Doom vs Infinity for fishy merc

Not completely sure what to say about this besides what I say in the next paragraph...I guess one thing also im wondering aobut is whats conviction do? Just lowers resist I've heard...and increases mana regen ive heard...So I dont see a point in getting this for a merc for fishymancers excpet for the 40% sruching blow people have talked about in other threads...And if thats the only use for it besides convict for other builds..then why not pop 5 bers into a cryptic axe or some polearm for 100% crushing blow and then a mal into their for getting rid of their uber healing in uber trist bosses?

I'd go doom lol for the frost aurra....thats just me but yeah know doom is cheaper through my eyes and..I guess inifinity for ubers cause the damage and crushing blow but I'd go doom also for a swithc off for him because of the frost that will give him extra damage and cause everything to freeze.

Would it be best if you dont need conviction to just put 5 bers and mal into a strong 6 socketed eth polearm and get a doom to switch onto him for non uber trist and everything not immune to ice?

Help please! Thank you very much!

And my fishymancer has a merc with bramble on and he dies a lot more then my sorcs merc with stone..of course this could be because not only the extra defense...but the higher level..Im guessing that


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Conviction aura lowers fire cold and lightning resists...if you have mages they will add more damage to their attacks. Also, since this lowers enemy's fire resists, you will see your corpse explosion working wonders....especially if you amp damage them first, since corpse explosion is 50% physical and 50% fire damage.

Prevent Monster Heal doesn't work on Ubers from what I've read...I think only poison damage will prevent their health from regenerating.

Problem with Doom runeword is the aura itself....chilled monsters will most likely pop, leaving no corpses for you to take advantage of...probably the main reason why, once I get rich enough, will spend my items on infinity rather than pride.


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Conviction not only helps your mages and CE, it also lowers monsters defense by -86%. Meaning your skeles will be hitting much more ofter, which = more dmg dealt.

As above post states, Holy Freeze will shatte many corpses, hindering your CE (and thereby your killspeed) and also leave you vulnerable should your skeles be decimated by IM or fanatic frenztaurs (etc).

PS. PMH does not work on ubers. Only open wounds from sources like draculs and poison dmg will prevent it.


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Dude, i just made a nec, this is the best, it owns all. Find ****ty 4sok polearms and keep them on mule to make insights, since this kind of nec has so many extra skills i put mine in golem mastery. What you do is make your iron golem out of an insight (u never run outof mana) and put infinity, guilliams, and eth fort on merc (crushing blow owns all bosses + convic for CE.) I have tried doom before and i hate the freeze dmg, infinity is the much better choice. The only time my golem ever dies is sometimes if i kill nihlathak from the CE, but i solo full games everywhere fine and he never falls not from iron maiden either. Also if u wonder about merc lifeleech on gear, just do lifetap when he lookes a lil low on life.


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I would use Infinity for sure. If you have the weath to test out both weapons, you'll know immediately what we're trying to explain.