DOOM Runeword, works in pvp ???????


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DOOM Runeword, works in pvp ???????

The doom Runeword gives -cold res, and ive seen many sorcs using them, my question is does the -res ability work on a sorc using only ranged skills like blizz/orb or is she required to hit them (like Natures Peace)




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alainpp66 said:
It works with Ranged Skills, yes. She doesn't need to hit them physically.

So its better then Deaths then eh? Hmm interesting...shame no fcr! Just a quick q to any pvp orb sorcs, is 65 fcr viable for pvp then? If it is, then Doom all the way :D, otherwise i suppose itll have to be Deaths Fathom...


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Jell-O said:
63%(65) works just fine.
Apologies if this has been done before, but could you guys rate this build for me sorc?
Basically orb synergies, cold mastery

20 Frozen Orb
20 Ice Bolt
20 Cold Mastery
20 Telek
1 E Shield
1 Warmth

Dunno how to split residual skill points, prolly all into warmth perhaps?


Shako w/Um
2 SoJ
Doom Berserker Axe (if i DID get the runes i wanna make sure its not in anything norm/exceptional:p)

Caster Crafted Amu (17%fcr +1 sorc skills +17 res all, 13%mana regen, +17mana <-- i love this!)

Vipermagi w/Shael
Whistans w/Shael or Eld (not too sure if Eld works in this)
Arachnid Mesh
Frosburn (for Eshield and mana regen)
Waterwalks +65

Thats gonna be the main setup but if im duelling in hell or vs a blizz sorc where res is the difference between death and instant death (^^) ill switch to:

Wizardspike w/rare jewel (13%res all 7%fhr +8 energy)
Sanctuary Shield (i got one in a Hyperion str req ~127)
Chains Of Honor (Wire Fleece +20 str allows me to use Sanctuary, +62 res all)
Set Credendum (forget name, allows enuff str to use Wire Fleece and has 15%res all)

A few qs, is Sanctuary shield worth using over Whistans (bear in mind str is not an issure as im having some +str from anni and charms), some of the stats are great +20 dex, fhr faster block rate etc

Also, whats the optimum fhr for a sorc? Ive tried to find the tables but search resulted in 09 tables (have they changed?)

Id also like some "feedback" or hints on ppl who have used Doom runewords for their PvP sorcs, hell even, ppl that have pvp orb sorcs ;) Bear in mind this is suposed to be a non-pubbie dueller (tho lets be honest most legit duellers > pubbie chars) so most duels will take place in nm or normal. I think thats its heh, well yer any info/hints/flames welcome ;)


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one last bump before i give up ;) Cant find my chains of honor atm, so consequently sorc cant use Sanctuary :/

Think ill stick with viper+whistans+doom and frosties+arachnid+17%fcr amu unless any1 comes forward with how bad this setup is ;)