Doom runeword and Hireling


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Doom runeword and Hireling

I have 2 questions:

1. If my hireling caries Doom Runeword weapon, will the -60% enemy cold resistance stack with my sorceress cold mastery? (F/E: if my Blizzard does 1000 damage and my cold mastery is lvl5 (-40% enemy resistance) and the monster has 0 cold res, will my Blizzard do 2000 damage?)

2. What about the level 12 Holy Freeze aura? Will it stack with the Act2 NM Hireling's aura? (Let's say he has a lvl10 aura, will he get a lvl22 aura after equipping him with the Doom runeword? Or is it worth to get an another merc instead?)

...I was browsing on many forums, but didn't find the answers...

Thanks a lot...


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No, the -resistance will not work for you unless you wear it.

And I think the highest level aura will be active on the merc. So I suggest you get a Normal Combat merc for the Prayer aura to regenerate some life


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your blizzard will do 1400 dmg. -40% res meens + 40% dmg
and - res is caped at -100% res.

and yes the holy freeze aurae do not stack, afaik the aurae toggel.


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Lets be clear. The math in the above post is correct but your mercs doom will NOT effect your blizzard. If you use CM at level 17 you're putting most monsters at -100 anyway.

The higher HF aura will be the active one. They do NOT stack.