Don't get greedy


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Don't get greedy

So well I join a trade game and this guy starts trading me and showing me all this gear (HOZ, Anni, Torch, Enigma, CTA, etc.) and tells me he'll trade me all of it if I can get this LLD circlet from this other guy. Well I did and lets just say he didn't hold up to his end of the bargain.

Bloody thing cost me 2 HR. Freaking expensive lession learnt.

Me <--- ElementWind
Him <--- Airforcess
His buddy <--- EM- Unforgiven

*sigh* What happened to the good old days when all the HONEST players still play?

Cyber Dragon

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Sounds like an old scam, but the blotted out text doesn't help us confirm. :/

Honest players are still around, it's just that they've gone into hiding. :p


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Yeah that sucks. It's a pretty crafty scam, but if you've never seen it before, I can see how you can fall for it. That's why I hate trading in public games.
Sorry for your loss dude. Hope this doesn't make you think there aren't any honest players on Diablo.

xix sephra

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not common because most people arent sucker enough :p for future referance all trades do it item for item if you have it great if not find another trade :/


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My rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it has to be. If I wouldn´t be willing to offer what I´m getting offered, there´s something wrong.

I made this up after the first time I got scammed. I had just begun torch-running and had never done a drop trade before. I found a fairly decent (worth 2-3 HR) sorc torch on my second try with the ubers. This guy came in and offered me a near-perfect (19-20 iirc) zon torch, a godly pair of crafted zon gloves and a last wish phase blade for it...

This was my first attempt drop trading, so, like an idiot, I accepted his offer to do it in Act 4... no walls, no barriers... he grabbed my torch when half my screen was gone (inventory window was open) and ran back and picked up his LW and gloves.

If he could carry two torches the zon one would have been gone too... :embarassed:

I almost quit playing after that... it felt so bad to get ripped off like that... and the worst part is I felt like it was a scam the whole time, but in my greed I went against my judgement and did it anyway. Lesson learned.

The story has an okay ending though (karma, maybe)--my very next uber run I got a 16-14 pally torch, which I´ve jealously guarded ever since :cool:


This is quite a intelligent scam, imo. Teaches very good lessons about life in general.

Don't get me wrong, but, if I was a scammer, I would play the game that way. This scam is not precisely a scam since it doesn't rely on hacks or you not knowing something about the game, instead it relies on you not knowing something about relating with people. You could've learned that lesson a MUCH more painful way that losing some bytes in a video game.


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This type of scam is also done in real life too.

There was a show on telly a few days ago about scams and how to avoid them. One of them you ahve two people at a market/car boot sale. One is selling some china plates or whatever and the other goes to the other end of the market and starts a loud phone call in a crowded area where they say

"Hey Sam - remember those china plates we saw at that auction yesterday selling for $800 - there's a woman here selling a couple here for $50 each. .. Yeah - I don't ahve any cash - can you come down quick - last time I saw these they went so fast... Yeah - she's at a blue table by the entrance, shes in jeans and an orange T-shirt. Make sure you get down here quick before they go... they're the only two plates on her table"

So someone thinks "hmmm I'll nab that first" runs off and parts with $100 for two cheap plates from Ikea that are worth $1. The 'vendor' then whips out another pair ready for the next person who comes along. Do this 10 times and you have $1000 in a day.


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Scammers suck! Argh!

Off-topic: I almost looked like a scammer the other day. I was trying to sell a cat's eye amulet. So this guy came and offered 9 pgms for it. I'm new to trading and don't know the prices tbh, so if I eventually got ripped off, shut it. :tongue:

So we make the trade. I already think about save+exit, but decide to light a cig first. So I take my first puff and see the guy screaming: "Wrong ammy! Shiiiiitt!"

Turns out I put the wrong ammy in the trade window after I went to my stash.

So we trade the ammys and I give him the right one. The dude almost cried because he was certain that I'd tell him to buzz off and I didn't. :grin:

Thank you for smoking. :laugh:


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Don't get greedy, is right. I can tell by the dialog in the pic that your better judgement told you this was a scam, and you ignored it for greed. Got to go with the first instinct on these things.
BluzMan said:
This scam is not precisely a scam since it doesn't rely on hacks or you not knowing something about the game, instead it relies on you not knowing something about relating with people.


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My judgement told me "No"; but my heart say "YESSSS". Also I was there when they were dueling and it was how you say.. A very heated argument so that pretty much convinced me that they really did not know each other. Boy was I wrong.


I mean, I, personally, categorize scam as an exploit in the trade system. Some are activated via hacks, some are based on the imperfections of the trade system like Rattlecage/TalRasha switch, but this one could occur no matter how good the trade system is. The scams as a whole carry a bad seed because they discourage the people being new to the game who don't know about such loopholes.


This one would work regardless of any perfect trading system, no matter if you're new to the game or not. It's about people relations in general, and has nothing to do with Diablo II in particular. Thus, it falls out of the scam category for me, because it works regardless of whether you stuidied the game system for years or are a complete newbie.

That's IMO, of course.


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ahh sorry to hear about the scam. that's rough.

not uncommon for young kids that know eachother well to trash talk, and hard.


Jansa said:
So I take my first puff and see the guy screaming: "Wrong ammy! Shiiiiitt!"
Don't bypass the word filter.

Didn't you look at the circlet before trading for it? You should be able to tell if it's worth all the stuff that guy was willing to trade for it. If it is, then you can get many HRs from someone else for it. If it's not, well...

Not that I've ever heard of LLD circlets.

Also, why would the other guy who was there trade with you, and for only 2 HRs, knowing you'd just give it to the person who had NKed him in return for a lot more? Duh...