Don't Download These

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Don't Download These

Guys I've found out why my account got hacked, and it was not suprisingly 3rd party apps with keyloggers. Please dont download any of these:

d2 jsp bot
Dropper ;P
D2 Hackit
Town tele hack

These are available from one certain site, I don't know if there are on others. But all contain keyloggers apart from Dropper ;P so DON'T DOWNLOAD THEM!

A little more info:
d2 jsp Bot says it can do all act boss runs but it cant. When you try to use it has a simple error msg 'One component of Storm.dll not found' or something of the like.

When you download, or just click 'Run' on Dropper ;P it drops all your items you are holding when it actually says it can be used to give better magic find. I lost my whole IK that way.

D2 Hackit - not sure
Town tele hack - apparently you can get easy anhi and gheeds with it. lol. You can't.

i understand your intentions may be good, trying to warn us, but be prepared for some nasty comments - even c3po is frowned upon here, so some people might have a thing or two to say about botting/hacking/scamming programs.


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Before I joined the forums I used a maphack but quit over two years ago.

Once, back then, I went to one website and downloaded some SoJ dupeing hack ended up losing my gear. I would never even go to a hack site now. Once was enough for me!

Besides..."cheating" kind of spoils the whole game anyway.
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