Doll damage


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Doll damage

Just a quick question.

What type of damage do dolls in Durance do, when they death explode? Physical? Elemental?


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there's another question that's probably related to the one above, do they always explode and what is their radius?


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necrolemming said:
Physical, based on doll hp.
I thought it was the typical corpse explosion which is 50% physical, 50% fire.

And it suffers the same problem as the FE monsters which is why they are so freaken deadly in 1.10.

Edit: As with all FE monsters their Corpse explosion is based on the monster level thus the radius changes with the increase in monster level, Hell monsters (dolls in this case) will have a much larger radius than normal (dolls) since their monster level is much larger.


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Darkwell said:
Can it be blocked?
Yes, and probably Dodged, too.

Nautilus said:
do they always explode and what is their radius?
Yes, they always explode. Radius is larger in Hell than in lower difficulties (at least I think so, based on my experience), but I don´t know the numbers.


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I've seen claims, but not tested it, that the explosion damage has to HIT you, so that with high enough defense, it can MISS.


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This is also just something that I've heard but I think the doll explosion radius is 4yards... on Hell.. They change with the difficulty setting.

Edit: I also think Uzziah is correct that the damage is 50/50