Muzzy Roberto

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I just got a wizardspike for my sorc, and was looking quite forward to using it to huck as many fireballs as I can, but it seems I only have 25 dex.

If I were to socket it, and hel it, how much dex would I need them? Or, is there a cube recipe to downgrade it from bone knife to whatever?

And, what would be a good sheild to go with it? Lidless, Spirit, Visceraunt, or mosers? Max block isn't an issue, unless a low dex requirement is needed, like say, 75 dex...

Eilo Rytyj

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a Hel rune will get you down to 60 Dex, or a -15% req jewel with decent mods will be 63.

Spirit is well worth the hefty Str investment. I regret not going the spirit path with my sorc (she uses a Lidless... ugh).


D3 Wizard Moderator
Put a Hel in the Wizardspike like you said. Apart from that you have no other chance than getting small charms with +dex or look for useful items in your build that add dex.