doge, avoid and evade


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doge, avoid and evade

well lets hear what is the amount of skill points you all out there put in them?

and please state if its for javazon or bowazon.

myself i tend to leave them at 1 point.

the reason for this is that i usualy get some kind of +skills on my zons and also the fact that i hate evade and its damn evade lock.


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Just enuff to get around 40% chance to ------ with +skills

Bowazon BTW



Dodge = 40% @ slvl 6

Avoid = 41% @ slvl 4

Evade = 40% @ slvl 6

That should cover it :thumbsup:


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7/5/7 with +1 skills, this is way down from the old .09 days when I had zons as high as 12/7/12. Times change. While I notice evade lock, I'm not really bothered by it. I figure it's a fair trade off.


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1 pt, usually 40-50% each after eq bonuses. i would prefer to leave them at 0 though but i have to for the valk. i've never been in a situation yet where any of these saved my life. i dodge manually well enough, and generally i have max block/dr/resists for real protection.


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putting too much in evade would get you into locks often. personally one point in evade for valk prereq and 3 in the rest. +skills should add them up pretty nicely.. mine is optimised for a bowazon


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For pvm it is more related to what type of danger you expect to be in.

1) If you think you'll be close to opponents like a melee-javazon and spearazon then increase dodge to a decent level at which you feel safe. Avoid may also need some attention.
2) When you stand in the back like bowazons and throw based-javazons then nothing should in theory get past your valkyrie, decoy and mercenary. The skills may be interesting for points nonetheless.
3) If you run into combat a lot not looking where you are going then evade is going to be important.

For pvp purposes you have to estimate the same things, but dodge avoid and evade levels will probably need to be put at higher levels than 1. What you are talking about then is which skill to put the most points in or even which one to max out.

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For my bowazon I stuck one point in each, boosting it with +skills to about slvl 5-6. I'd say that's about enough, considering my bowazon hardly gets hit anyway.

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