Does your gold find apply when the merc gets the kill? ifr


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Does your gold find apply when the merc gets the kill?

And if so, does that include gold find in both your main- and off-hand weapons when dual wielding? I know it does for MF, but wasn't sure about gold find. Thanks in advance. :)

Lord Nyax

But IMO it won't be very useful as your merc will take time to elimate a whole group of enemies...
Think. You're a gold-find Barb. You BO/BC/Shout your Merc, go to NM/Hell Trav, and let him loose. You stand back with your GF Gear out. It's pretty hard to kill faster than a good merc while using GF gear. I know CDM has some 5x Lem'd Runemasters for a Frenzy Barb, but you still are missing the goodies like Fort/Arreats/Dungo's, so your killing speed is still gonna be gimp'd. For a Merc, CoT is actually a good normal choice. It just so happens that it has a ton of GF, and thus is good for a Merc. Obviously you don't want to weigh your merc down with GF gear, as if he doesn't kill fast enough, he won't be stacking his GF with yours, so he wont be useful. But if you make a good Merc, using CoT, and let him do the raping...the CoT GF will stack.

Looking back up at that, I wonder what someone would think if they mixed up any of the acroynms...:yikes: