Does Venom work with Dragon Talon?


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Does Venom work with Dragon Talon?

When I cast venom the poison damage does not appear to effect the dmg shown on my char screen as any other poison effects do.

Yet when I kick things they turn green for a second like i poison them.

I have no other sources of poison.

Another question is, C/C or C/Shield for a kicker (I want to pvp and pvm)


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wealcome to the forums :wave:

yes venom does indeed work with dtalon despite not being displayed in the LCS (lying character screen)

c/c or c/s in pvp depends on who you are up against, c/c against casters and c/s against melee. I'd choise c/c overall.


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i also prefer c/c, and i can confirm that venom works with DT although its not shown in the charscreen.


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u can always test out the damage to see if it works. Ask a good barb to tank with and without venom on dflight. My friends and I always test damage on barbs. :)