Does Venom affect DTalon??


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Does Venom affect DTalon??

Hi i am currently building my light trap / kick hybrid, and i was wondering if 1 point in venom was wise

i am not sure if venom affects kicks, if it does, 1 point aint too bad

thanks for the help in advance



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Yes, venom affect kicks. My pure kicksin has 20 in it. Your char screen may be
lying, but any elemental or poison damage is added to the kick. But if u have
some +to max damage, or +% enhanced damage, this won´t work. Anything
that increase the physical kick damage is str, dex and good boots. Read Kicking
basic to know what works with kicks and what does´t.

Anyway, 1 pt waste isn´t the end of the world :wink3:

Silent Shaddow

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my kick/trap hybrid uses 1pt vemon as well, i just let +skills bring it up... i havent found it 2 be that signficant...