Does the - Fire Resist really work on Phoenix Shields ? if


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Does the - Fire Resist really work on Phoenix Shields ?

I recently obtained a Phoenix Rune Word Shield and love the Mana and Life Restoration from Redemption. One of the line items on the shield says "-27 % Fire Resist to Enemy". I do not see any change in the listed damaged when this shield is enabled (I am a Fire Sorc). I also have a Poison Necro. He has a Bramble Armor that changes the displayed Poison Nova damage when the armor is equiped. Even w/o the extra Fire Damage, the shield is a keeper, but I would like to know if I am benifiting from the " minus fire resistance to Enemy" or not.

Any comments appriciated.



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Do not rely on the Lying Character Screen.

Bramble shows as it is +% to poison damage.

Phoenix does not show as it is - enemy fire resistance, but it does work for the enemies that you attack with your fire spells. Take this to mean that it will work only for yourself... other players and your merc do not benefit from it. They have to use it themselves to benefit from it.


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Yep, -enemy resistance does not show up on the LCS screen at all. (notice that your cold damage doesn't go up with incrased in cold mastery.)