Does MF affect the chance for socketed items?


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Does MF affect the chance for socketed items?


Does a high Magic Find reduce or affect in any way the chance to find socketed (grey) items that would be suitable for crafting Rune Words?



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Re: Does MF affect the chance for socketed items?

The more MF you have, the more items will be magical instead of nonmagical (except those which cannot be magical, like gold, gems etc.), so yes, it affects it. The item value increases on average, but if you are looking for nonmagical weapons or armors, the chances will decrease.

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I think you may be incorrect about that. When an item is generated, it is first run thru a RNG to determine nonmoagical damaged, nonmagical, nonmagical superior, nonmagical socketed, nonmagical socketed superior, and unidentified magical. The magic find percentage has an affect on how the RNG for the magnitude of the magical-ness, not whether the item will be magical or not.

So in short, no, magic find does not have affect on drop chance of socket items.

I could be wrong tho

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