Does Meditation and Prayer stack?


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Does Meditation and Prayer stack?

Let's say I had a Prayer merc. If I use Meditaiton, will the healing from my Meditation (via the Prayer synergy) stack with his Prayer aura, since Meditation is a different aura.

Also I have noticed that the skill tab displays the bonus from Prayer synergy as being whatever the Prayer aura does, including +skills, while the Arreat Summit says it is only +1 heal per invested point into Prayer. Which one is right?


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meditation and cleansing will heal exactly the same as prayer does, including all + skills and such.


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druid wolfes/bear skills too... and its not onl +skills synergi, its like meditation and cleansing gets the healing prayer has, regardless lvl at it, and at no mana cost...

Rigel Kent

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I'm not sure exactly what the question is, so I'll answer two questions in one post.

What kind of synergy bonus does Prayer give Cleansing/Meditation?

Anyone affected by your Cleansing/Meditation aura receives a life gain benefit as though your Prayer aura were on them as well. Unlike most passive bonuses, the adjusted level of your Prayer aura is used, not just actual skill points. Keep in mind, though, that a low level Cleansing/Meditation will have a smaller radius than a high level Prayer.

If a friendly unit is affected by both Prayer and Cleansing/Meditation simultaneously, does the life gain from both auras stack?

Yes, absolutely. My cleric has a high level Prayer merc, and I have observed on several occasions the merc's Prayer aura stacking with both my Cleansing and Meditation auras. The life gain from my Cleansing/Meditation (i.e., the life gain from my Prayer synergy) adds normally to the mercenary's Prayer life gain. Hirelings and minions, who can't be affected by my Meditation, received only the Prayer's bonus when I had Meditation on-- but that's to be expected.