Does Char lvl affect rune drops in nm or hell Hellforge? i


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Does Char lvl affect rune drops in nm or hell Hellforge?

I have done nm hell forges 4 times using lvl 21 chars and the runes i got were never higher then lum!

But when i do a nm hellforge with a lvl 40+ char I got a um.
Also when i do hell Hellforge with my 80 zon I got IST.

So do u guys think hellforges rune dropes base on char lvl or just luck?


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Just luck, as far as I know. The runes are randomly selected from within the available range.


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Superhal said:
just bad luck. i got back to back ists. :)
5 level 70+ chars: fal, lum, ist, fal, pul :scratch:
It's random. There are epople here that rush level 1's to hell jsut to do the hellforge quests.. maybe thay can elaborate, but I don't think they would do them unless they had a shot at the higher runes.


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Hellforge rune drops:
- Normal: El - Amn
- Nightmare: Sol - Um
- Hell: Hel - Gul
clvl or number of players in the game does NOT influence rune drops.


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psuedoenviro said:
does more chars in the game affect the total number of runes dropped or is it alway 2 like it seems to me?
Quest drop is ALWAYS 1 rune (+ some perfect and flawless gems) and is not affected by number of players in the game.

I do not know thougt what happens if several players with Hellforge quest are members in the same party. Logically thinking it should be 8 quest runes in one drop if 8 chars who hadn´t done this quest before is allied in the moment when the Stone destroys. I always do this quest alone - just to be sure that nobody else will grab my rune, so - I have no expirience of such situation.

Mad Merlin

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If you do a Hellforge quest and more than one person gets the quest at the time, you'll still get only 1 rune, but you'll get the extra gems. I did this by accident once in normal, though I didn't mind at the time.