does bigfoot exist?

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Spawn of God

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Nastie_Bowie said:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Spawn, are you trying for spam king or what?
no im trying to give scientific bounds a huge leap...just cuzz no1 else makes threads doesnt mean i make too many :(


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Aero, I'm from the lower part of Cincy, but I work in Middletown. Good to find another cincinnatian. :D


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SelfBaisResistor said:
Bigfoot does exists. If you saw the amount of hair on my brother's back, you'd agree too.

Yes--I know a guy who must be BF's illegitimate son. He looks like a werewolf who, in mid change, had the moon go behind a cloud.


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Well if your serious about him being real, hes not. He died like 2-3 yrs ago. An old guys family came forth and spoke of their dad dressing up like bigfoot and next thing ya knows its a myth. They spoke up after his death.
Sad really..I always liked wondering if he was real or not.

Now Bigfoot the truck I've seen many times in the past..even sat in it once. Its a real pretty truck...of course..there are more than 1..dun, dun, dun!

I remember the footage when Bigfoot was born. A guy, a backyard and a old car...let see if we can go over it. Next year lets do this at the fair...and there started a HUGE trend.