Does anyone have any information on old pre release character skills?


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Aside from that kick skill we all know about ofc...

This image is like a gold trove for people like me

(imho Chill Blood was a lot better for pvp than the 3 generic similar looking armors where one doesnt even function properly...or the old Blizzard where you had the ability to destroy missiles thus having an easier time with one of the sorc's arch nemesis -the bowzon)

Im ranting offtopic too much probably but with that being said im mostly interested in Paladin and necromancer skills

Aside from info from the , the only info(im not 100% sure of it) was that summon resist for the necromancer was originally a sort of a minion healing spell and raise skeleton icon was used for "control monster".(another minor thing i noticed is that in classic at least in 1.00 the skill tab tree is still called "summoning and control" and not "summoing spells")B

The info I have on the paladin is that he had "Zealotry" instead of Zeal that functioned differently ,remove curse and that fanaticism used to cost mana and increased damage instead of IAS