Does AmpDam / Decrep incr. Life Stealing?


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Does AmpDam / Decrep incr. Life Stealing?

With Amplify Damage and Decrepify curses, is Life Stealing effective on the increased damage that is caused by the curse?

I love playing nercos but this particular questions is really for my Pally who I am considering whether to use a ring with chance to case Amplify Damage or the the more troublesome weapon swap with a wand/dagger with Life Tap charges to use on the really tough monster packs like Baal's minions.


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My guess would be that it improves leech as it increases phys dmg which is what leech is based off once dmg is calculated.


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heres a boring story

ur pally does 100 dmg and has 10 ll (just say plz)
ur necro comes along and amp dmg's something
ur pally wil do 200 dmg and will still have 10 ll

so if ur pally does more dmg to an enemy of course it will give u more ll

i wish a necro could wear ll and all skel could get that bonus