Does Amp Damage/Decrepify have any effect on Vengeance?


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Hey folks,

I've been doing some digging but I have been unable to find the answer. I know Vengeance's elemental damage is based on your physical damage, but only from certain factors. I was looking through Asmo's excellent Avenger guide, but I didn't see any mention of how curses that lower enemy physical resistance (namely, amp and decrepify) affect Vengeance.

Any insight?


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I'm 99% sure it doesn't effect the elemental damage, but I don't have a link to demonstrate that point. It would have to be some very buggy coding that noone has noticed for over a decade if it were the case.


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Yes and No, I would think.

As far as I recall, Vengeance adds damage to your swing in the form of elemental damage based on a percentage of your Weapon damage, not total damage dealt. Therefore, if someone was Amp/Decrep'd your regular damage would be increased, but the Elemental Damage would be the same. I'm sure someone could argue both effects are applied/calculated simultaneously, but that is conjecture.

My logic for this? Think about the opposite. If Physical Resistance was part of the calculation, hitting someone that is Physical Immune would mean you actually do no damage at all (Physical or Elemental) similar to how Dragon Tail works for Assassins. Considering Vengeance is a common PI solution, this is cleary not the case. Amplify and Decrepify are not a unique effect, they just alter the physical resistance stat of the opponent (well and decrep does other things too). Therefore, the existance/absence of Amplify would be the same as if you were hitting someone with say, 0 Physical Resistance compared to 100 or -100 to 0. Except in this case, the former is much easier to test.

Go hit a Ghost in Hell with Vengeance. If it seems like you're just losing your Physical component of your damage, you can reasonably assume then that Amplifying said Ghost (or anything else) would just increase your Physical component again, not your Elemental Damage.

I could be wrong on this, but this thought process seems right to me.