Do you trust that blizzard will make the diablo 4 we want?


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So, call me skeptical, but after seeing some of the diablo 4 videos from blizzcon, i get the impression, that some of the people working on the game, are perhaps not the best suited people for the job. It seems to me, that some of them havent played the previous diablo games as much as us. It also seems like they still havent got things like the loot system and itemization right yet. With that being said, it seems like they have taken some of the criticism to heart, such as the game being too bright and colorful, which is a step in the right direction. What bugs me a bit though, is that the game still looks a lot like diablo 3. So my point is, that we should be cautiously optimistic about it.
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Sounds about right Ultimatium. Do you think they deliberately leaked things like "Blizzard management considered D3 a failure" and "possible D2 remake in the works" just to pull us in? Call me slow but I just realised this today. The timing was just too uncanny. That said, when I first saw the demo for D4 I felt like it was D3 with D2 labels. They even brought back the legendary gems and called them runes, well once they add the progression system to them they will be anyhow. I've read posts on other forums where people said they felt insulted by how Blizzard was trying to pull the wool over their eyes in this manner. I totally understood what they meant.

From the demo's I saw and the people playing them there didn't seem to be the same buzz going on that I vaguely recall there being when D3 demo's where released. In fact, the floor looked almost vacant. Next Blizzcon will be very interesting.


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I am more optimistic. I would say Blizzard genuinely wants to take from D2 what made it so good and are open for feedback.

Then again, with a new generation of designers grown up with WoW and D3 we might get
- too much emphasis on the open shared world and world events (WoW / MMO),
- we get to kill 25 monsters per sec in flashes of lights (D3) and
- oversimplification like items upgrades simplified to ‘green arrow up = better’ and death and respecs are free of consequences (Blizzards catering to all complaints)
then you might end up being right...


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the diablo "we" want will vary greatly from person to person. so the simple answer is no as no matter what direction they go many people will not be happy about it. personally i love what i saw last week and am excited to see where it goes from here. so yeah i have confidence in them


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I don't trust them to deliver, tbh. D4 certainly looks much more like we would expect a modern Diablo to look, but it doesn't feel like Diablo. Something about the atmosphere, the still cartoony character movement and rag-doll effects. Then the MMO stuff with world bosses. The surface world not being randomized (only dungeons). And of course the fact that what we have seen of the itemization and character building so far is disappointing.
I wouldn't write it off yet but so far I'm not very optimistic.
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No, I don't trust that they they will make the game I want, I can only hope they make a game I might enjoy. My problem with D3 was that I wanted a sequel or successor to D2 and got something entirely different. Is this game going to truly go back to what made D2 so enjoyable? I can not comment on their MMO features, but I agree with mrpinsky in that the itemization and character building is disappointing from what is known. I always felt D3 was a ARPG for people that just wanted the APG minus the R.

Only reason I did not ditch D3 and go back to D2 was that my characters/accounts expired, and I lost everything. That Blizzard actually had such an idiotic account expiring policy just furthers my distrust and dislike towards the company. D3 only solidified my feelings, so no, if I do get a game I actually like it will be pure luck.


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'we' are no cohesive group, but I would say... some nods to the old d2 crowd, a small nod to the d1 base (where I more firmly linger as far as desired design direction of the series), far more nods to a 'modernized' online diablo experience where they make a Diablo 3.5 that compromises in design between what 3 ultimately did and what older fans want to aim towards.

For the purposes of the overall community... more than what 3 gave. For this community, I imagine better, but still missing the mark. For my own purposes, I am mixed, and can't really judge as atmosphere is a critical component to me. That said, as noted in this thread, there are a few aspects that make me weary, even as the lore aspect leaves me intrigued. If nothing else, I imagine the story will be less of an insult to intelligence.


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I have been traveling abroad since right after Blizzcon and haven't had time to look at the game play videos. I could be doing it now rather than typing this, but part of my wants to remain ignorant and wait for the game. I know I won't be able to but reading the comments of those who have watched makes me leery. I want to be optimistic. There's a long time until release so I'll be patient and give them the benefit of the doubt.


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I do not trust AAA at all. Its up for them to prove it.

And I don't like microtransactions, so in a perfect world, for trust, is to wait 1+ year post launch to get a game knowing the game is good. But who wants that if you are a into the actual story and might be a fan?

I am sceptical too. Some things just needs to be announced and proved before I can feel its a buy for me.