Do you think this has a hope?


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Do you think this has a hope?

Ok...during spring break...a.k.a. the week of family is taking a trip to my aunt's house in SC. The host family is awesome. But I don't want to go because:
1. Airports...flying is fine, getting through the airport is hell

2. My other uncle and aunt that will be there

3. My grandpap will be there

4. I'll be spending a week with no release with my mom

5. I hate southern weather

6. I'm missing three days of class...I can't miss one and understand what I missed

Ok, now the propostition. Because there is not way out of going, I devised a plan. I will call my aunt and ask her to suggest to my mom that my girlfriend comes, too. If my aunt agrees, my mom is pretty much agreed, too. The final part is the toughest:
1. My girlfriend and her family is Lutheren, my family is Catholic (which I wish was different, but that's for another thread)

2. Her mom won't let us date alone...we sneak around, but once again, for another thread

Reason 1 will influence her mom to want my girlfriend to stay to go to church. Reason 2 is because that her mom, is well, her mom, trying to protect her oldest in every possible way. I feel it may be possible to get her to allow my girlfriend to go if my mom talks to her, but I'm not sure.

What does everyone think?

I'll answer questions tomorrow, as I'm going to bed.


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oh hell, what's wrong with our weather? it was nice out and i was walking around in shorts today, and i live in one of the coldest parts of the south :bonk:


i think alot of people fail to realize it's the same God behind all those religions. But! to avoid the risk of hijacking this thread, i say give it a shot, at worst her mom, or your mom will say no and that'll be that.


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ZeppelinAngel said:
oh hell, what's wrong with our weather? it was nice out and i was walking around in shorts today, and i live in one of the coldest parts of the south :bonk:
I'm in shorts right now with a window open and I'm about 2 hours north of NYC at the moment. southern weather is bad. bad bad bad. It also has a side order of bad.


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In florida, it was in the 40's this mornin, got up in the 60's late afternoon tho

So, do you want more not to go...or to bring your gf...
I dont understand the question

Edit: Oh...try and bring her...the more, the merrier right?


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I say call your aunt.

Then if you are allowed to go with your girlfriend... sweet, if you aren't allowed to have your girlfriend with you throw a tantrum and ***** and moan that you are going to die from boredom if you can't have anyone your age to talk to on the whole trip.

This way you turn the disagreement to be between your mum and your girlfriends mum. If she disagrees that you can't have your girlfriend with you play your last card.

Say that your relatives haven't seen your girlfriend (most propably some of them haven't im guessing) and it would be nice if she was properly introduced to the whole family tree at once. (if you don't mind tricks) You could call all your relatives that you are bringing your girlfriend along. Mature people like to have youths around to remind them of their young days so propably your relatives will be all for it. This way your relatives will be "encouraging" your mum to bring your girlfriend along.

Hope some of it makes sence and you don't need to do any dirty tricks.


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meh.. our humidity here usually isn't a problem, it's moderate throughout the whole summer.. other places down here though.. i can definitely understand why you'd hate it :bonk:


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Just for the record, why don't you like your aunt, uncle, and grandpap?

I flew out of Washington DC and as long as you have your act together, it was painless.

Or just stay at home and go to school?


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gismo said:
Piff you don't like us down here in the south? :hanky:
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE southern food. I just can't stand the accents and the weather...I like it cool.

I don't like my pap because he is going senile, and gets violent when he forgets his medication, which is often. I don't like my one uncle because he is incredibly stuck up and full of himself. I don't like my one aunt because she acts like I should be perfect. But my other aunt, uncle, and cousins, the host family, are awesome. And none of my relatives know my girlfriend, since we all live probably close to 1000 miles apart.

And as a plus, I conviced my mom to leave later, so I miss less school.

Thanks a whole lot, forcefeedback. I think that I will talk to everyone, not just the hosting aunt. I will make note of everything EXCEPT the tantrum part. There's no reason to throw a tantrum against authority when you have no power.

EDIT: Gismo, I think I sent you a PM a while back...check it out.