Do you think it would be a victory?


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Do you think it would be a victory?

I was reading the ol' google news, and I stumbled across the headline "Mexico may have captured drug lord" or something like that. It led me to this gem of an article.

In the second paragraph or so they claim that if this was indeed the man they're looking for, it would be a major victory for the war on drugs.

I think its rather naive to believe that these "major busts" do anything to the drug infrastructure. When someone goes down someone goes up, thats just the way it is. The game might change a bit but it never goes away.


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Dude, Nancy Reagan won the drug war way back in the 1980s with her "Just Say No" thing. Remember?


Diabloii.Net Member what would be a major victory in a war on drug gangs responsible for an explosion of violence on the U.S. border.
Perhaps you were so enraged you forgot to read the last few words? :p

My argument for maintaining the "war" effort is that a huge percentage of the people that work to grow, harvest, prepare, and package illegal drugs are forced to do so against their will. Entire families in countries like Bolivia and Colombia are forced into labor, essentially at gunpoint. They are paid in "room and board" though more than likely their arrangements are inadequate. The horror stories are chilling - individual family members escape the farms and the rest of the family is tortured to death, people knocked unconscious and having drugs stuffed inside their bodies without consent and then forced to cross the border where the operation is carried out in reverse. Absolutely sickening.

Anyway, I see the effort as more of an attack against the drug industry and the way it's run, not on the drug importation.

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I firmly believe that the United States government should grow, control, monitor, and sell drugs itself. It would provide incredible tax revenue, would eliminate much of the danger associated with poor product quality, and would essentially eliminate the various cartels and their respective violence. Obviously there are kinks in need of working out with this plan, but couldn't we perhaps model ourselves after Holland, but with more strictly enforced laws?

All of that aside - I agree with you that simply trying to capture individual cartel leaders is a vain effort. It will not even momentarily hamper the flow of drugs.