do you smoke?

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nah...If i wanted to kill myself I'd go for a much faster method as opposed to the slowly dying over x number of years one


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I prefer killing myself slowly with food, rather than smoke. GO GO 335 POUNDS OF PURE UNADULTERATED FAT BABY!


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Yeah. Have cut way down though.

And yeah, I know it's really bad for me, but it's better than me being more stressy butted than I am already :p


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Nope, don't smoke. I used to smoke, did on and off for about 5 years but never averaged more than about a pack every 2 days. Smoking is nasty, disgusting and fatal, aside from being expensive.

What a country we live in that a product can be knowingly bad for you, the company that makes it openly admits they're bad for you and charge people $2, $3, sometimes as much as $5 bucks a pack and still make a killing. :scratch:


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I've smoked cigarettes at points in my life, but never habitually. Usually while I was drunk.

But smoking marijuana was definitely habitual for a time, although I've laid off recently.


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heya sin.. glad to see you here...:howdy:

mine is one of the noes, but
when i was small, and traveled to england, my mom would buy me a pack of candy cigarettes.. good times trying to be a gangsta with a candy ciggarette :teeth:


I was in the yes. I smoke occasionally. I work in the army... if I'm not stressed I'm bored out of my tree. When I drink, I smoke like a chimney, though. I apologize for nothing.

If anyone wants to tell me how it's stupid and I'm killing myself and how I'm wasting my potential or other such crap, I'm more than willing to tell you what you can do with your pity.


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I really enjoyed smoking. So I reckon I fall into the category of recovering smoker. Don't kid yourself, it ain't easy to quit.


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Nah, I don't smoke. I prefer life over slowly killing myself. If somebody else wants to kill themselves by smoking, fine... it will lower the surplus population. But where I have a problem is when somebody's smoking starts making me sick. Kill yourself if you want, but don't take me with you. Smoking is absolutely disgusting. What a price to pay for addiction. None of my friends smoke, and that's not a coincidence.


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I do smoke, I want to quit but I keep on saying "after this carton" or something else. I need to quit putting it off already. I wish I never started. It was the dumbest damn thing I have ever done.


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Yeah, i smoke, but i'm not really addicted to it. i usually go through a pack of newports a week ( menthols are teh 1337 ) although i often go weeks without smoking cigs. i really like them only because i like to smoke and the nic buzz is nice, i dont think they taste that great. one cig at lunch, one after school, and one before i do my homework is about all i ever smoke. I also smoke cannabis as much as i can, usually several times a week :flip: