Do you re-use equipment?

Who is your least favorite NPC

  • Lysander: Doesn't carry TP scrolls, so you have to visit Drognan out in the boonies

    Votes: 14 18.9%
  • Drognan: stands out in the boonies

    Votes: 5 6.8%
  • Hratli: Where is he now?

    Votes: 17 23.0%
  • Nithalik: Actually a bad person

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • Anya: Doesn't leave her town portal for you, so you need 2 to do her quest

    Votes: 3 4.1%
  • Meshif: Takes you to act 3

    Votes: 8 10.8%
  • Natalya: Doesn't sell you anything, Isn't involved in any quests, isn't funny

    Votes: 9 12.2%
  • Other: some character that doesn't annoy me.

    Votes: 17 23.0%

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Do you re-use equipment?

I think I got the habit from Bnet where I was dirt dirt dirt poor. I'd pass around my highly treasured shako from caster to caster, etc. It wasn't bad there because I only played one character at a time, and once they reached hell baal, were forever retired.

On SP, now that I'm doing some MFing I'm finding myself switching all my equipment around all the time. I have mutiples of the basics, but I only have one HotO, one Arachnid's Mesh, a few skill rings, etc. Everytime I want to play a different SC character I have to switch all the stuff around. Annoying.

Do you guys switch equipment around or just equip characters to take care of themselves with what they have?


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i have around 30 chars

I tend to keep about 7-10 chars equiped at a time but usually im always muling stuff over from character to character as i play them.

The only characters that don't get touched are my mf blizz sorc/and the characters that use the class specific sets( i have all of them one of which includes my blizz sorc)

Edit i don't mind muling but i do plan to go through my characters at some point and try to equip as many as i can(in just enough gear so i can play them anytime i want) just haven't had the time to do it yet


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I played until just a week or two ago, so I made sure that all of my characters, if they were to be used, had what they needed. I might pass a HotO from my hammerdin to a summoner if I want to run the Pits for a bit, but that is about it. All that transferring got me a lot of R/Ds and a load of lost items.


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I really only share jewelery and charms.

I only have 1 maras and one SOJ. They both see a lot of use.

For charms, I have a few sick skillers (cold and fire) that get passed between my sorces and a few that pass between my necros (poison and bone). The shimmering charms also get passed around alot.

In the other item slots, once a character an other item it's his for keeps.

edit: In general I have 4-6 chars running at once. Once a char is retired their gear is put back into my atma stashes.


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I reuse a lot of my equipment, at least for my RRM/RWM characters. I'm usually only focusing on one of them at a time, so its not too much of a pain. For a while I was sharing equipment between an Enchantress and a MF sorc which was a horrible pain, so I generally try to avoid that now. Of course, that means I've got an enchantress Pit running with 0% MF in the MFL. :grin:


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At the moment, no. If a character is using something then it belongs to that character until they are finished with it. The item will have to be replaced by a better one, or the character will have to be retired. It's not a personal rule, I just don't see constantly switching items around as fun at all.


Ashmer Amadeus

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Yes, and it irks the crap out of me. My blizz sorc and my windy are sharing most of the same equipment. Sucks to try a few Meph runs to find out the blizz is half naked.


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Currently I don't transfer end-game equipment from character to character. Once a character is Matted/Patted, they keep everything (charms, rings, weapons, amulets...etc). I like the thought that I could start a game with any character and they would be equiped and ready to go.

Currently I only have 3 Pats/Mats so it's not a big deal. Have another 7 characters in progress and will Mat/Pat them before starting anymore. Obviously with only 3 sets of equipment untouchable I'm not in much of a bind. I do tend to pick up quite a lot as I quest so most characters have all their charms/rings/amulets/rares self found. I magic find for everything else with my dedicated MFer.

Maybe when I have alot more Mats/Pats I'd have to change this though, as I'll be out of equipment to twinkle. But I'm very far from having to make that decision yet.

Edit: Of course this has it's downfalls in that the Fortitude my Strafezon is wearing (Matted) won't be used by anyone else.


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Edit: Of course this has it's downfalls in that the Fortitude my Strafezon is wearing (Matted) won't be used by anyone else.
OUCH! If you're content with twinking characters, I think high rune words should always be an exception to the "I don't feel like sharing equipment" thought. When I make my Enigma, I will stop complaining about using ATMA all the time!



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Well it helps that I don't have any characters-in-progress that could use a Fortitude. Somewhere in the future I am planing a pure Zealot and a Fury Wolf, so I'd only make an exception if those characters got completely stuck.

But I know what you mean, for something like that I should make an exception. But I'm going to try and stay away from that for now, since once there's one exception, more follow...


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Do you guys switch equipment around or just equip characters to take care of themselves with what they have?
Starter type items get passed around as a character can use it. But end game type gear does not. If a character of mine finds an item, it's theirs. If they don't want it or can't use it, it goes into the stash. Once another character takes the item from the stash it is theirs. I have had newbie characters find a nice charm or something and all my high level characters fall all over each other trying to talk the newbie out of it. To no avail. I think this gives my toons a little more 'character' and something that sets them appart from each other. If they all shared gear and used mostly the same stuff they would lose their distinction. And when I'm done playing a toon, they keep their stuff and it either gathers dust with them in retirement, or it poofs when B-net deletes the character.

Of course I was never really much of an item person. I hate to MF, rarely trade, and take pride in my ability to Guardian a character with crap (or no) gear.



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I share a few items around - the item with most sharing would be the one mara's i have.. Come to think of it I share jewellery (mara's, bul kathos ring, raven frosts etc i wish i had a SoJ heh) around a lot more than armour or weapons


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definitly swap everything around! took me long enough to find it, i am going to use it!


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-I retire some characters after Mat/Pat'd and throw their items to other.

-I cancel the character's progress if, for example, it seems that the Arachnic mesh that my Sorc uses, would be crucial to my Singer. I just play as long as it takes to find another one and continue the Singer then. I hate this kind of swapping. The character must be whole.


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I'm a hybrid sometimes.

Depending on character ... i'll play totally 100% untwinked - until I hit a certain point where I feel the overwhelming need to slap on a Shako with a ptopaz in it. :wink3: ... and that's usually around the clvl 62 or so.

After that, all bets are off. I start twinking like mad and transfer over items, charms and such.

I echo the comment that I usually concentrate on one character at a time so twinking pains are minimized for the most part.

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All the freaking time, especially charms. Those move all over the place. Also gear like my CoH/maras/other great stuff I only have 1 of.



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I voted yes because I do a little, but only a little. If a character is actively being played I'll find an alternative or go without before I would swap every time I played. Of course it does simplify things that I'm usually only actively questing 2-3 characters so I only have to have a healthy stash of MF gear.

Generally, once I retire a character, I take off anything that is really rare but I try to replace it with something useful. Then I move the char to the family desktop and my 6 year daughter plays those chars there.

Edit: Said 6-year thought this post really needed this: :flowers:


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Well, I recently restarted, I only have my lvl 80 sorc and 44 Paladin. But Both of them are fully equipped and I don't do any item swapping around. I don't really plan on it, because I'm just too impatient. I'd get mad starting up a character in D2 and realizing I put some of his gear on a diff character, then I'd have to go re equip that guy.


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I pass stuff around all the time, I have no problems with having half my characters half naked when they're not actively beeing used (as in, once every week or two)

And really, with ATMA it takes what, two minutes? to mule a full character worth of items from Character X to Character Y.