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Do you like this build?

Discussion in 'Wizard' started by WDfromBg, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. WDfromBg

    WDfromBg IncGamers Member

    Apr 11, 2012
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  2. YOUR

    YOUR IncGamers Member

    May 29, 2011
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    Re: Do you like this build?

    Cant judge well, without using all the skills, but overall it seems very very ineffective...


    Glass cannon - You allready have 0 defensive abilities, and a lot of offensive stuff, no good imo.
    Temporal Flux - Arcane Mines take a while to setup and allready have slow included and to use the slow on the Explosive blast you have to let enemies close... which will get us back to the glass cannon part
    Arcane Dynamo - More damage? Also how you plan to get the charges? Your only signatue spell is a meele one, which means bringing enemies close... gets you killed.


    Healing Spectral Blade - meele, no part of your build increases crit, too dangerous. Will get you killed
    Arcane Mines - nice ability overall, but the setup time is high and that will either slow you down (preparation time/waiting for slow time) or you will waste a lot of mines
    Amplifying Slow Time - Once again, waay too much emphasis on damage
    Molten Meteor - Same story? Also your only way to deal ranged daamge, except for mines and it costs a lot. You will be arcane power starved...
    Storm Armor - With glass cannon and no defensive abilities, opponents are more likely to kill you.
    Tripple Explosive blast - Not instant, slow is neglectable because of the meele aspect, costs arcane power.


    Dude, that's sorta sad :x. Your only way of dealing secure (taking no damage at the time) damage, is staying behind your slow time bubble to avoid projectiles and cast meteor, which might be effective, but will empty your arcane power in a second. Aftewards, you have to rely on your meele, while having 0 defenses. Suicidal

    try something like that maybe:!cUT!caaabc

    The active spells are mostly the same (different runes), but it should be actually working

    Spectral blade now also restores arcane power (prodigy) and has a ranged aspect. You should also get a weapon with arcane damage to apply the slow with it
    Meteor stays the same.
    Hydra is a nice ability, that will inflict slow and wont need the extra time arcane mines do

    Slow time, with extra sticking slow for more security.
    Energy armor, with extra armor and arcane armor, to replace the dubious Storm armor
    Magic Weapon with lifeleech on every hit, as a replacement for the old Spectral blade rune (also works on all spells).

    Personally I'd replace spectral blade and magic weapon with something else overall, but that would be a completely difefrent build...

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