Do you like golf?

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Do you like golf?

Tiger wins his 4th Masters. I suppose he's the the Michael Jordan of golf. Or rather Michael Jordan is the Tiger Woods of basketball.

I played golf for a brief segment in my life. Not very athletic or at least strenous.

But it's certainly more athletic than race car driving or bowling. You think?
Yikes, man, you're all over the place here. The thread title has little to do with the actual post has little to do with the poll!

Not sure what to answer here. Yes, I like and play golf.

Re: race car driving. From what I understand, those cars don't have power steering. I'd imagine that steering one of those buggers at 200 mph through a hard turn ain't exactly parking your mom's Audi. It may not be rugby, but I believe it does require a fair amount of upper body strength.

In terms of golf, it is a physical activity, and does involve something other than being sedentary. I'm not sure you can classify something as "more" of a sport than something else, so I'm not sure that's really relevant, but I do believe golf to be a sport. By the way, Tiger is not MJ. He's not won a major tournament in 3 years. I don't recall MJ having any slumps that lasted 3 years this early in his career.


Heh...yea, golf kicks ass, I love it.

Re: Athletic

Golf, while not comparable to the major athletic sports, is a fairly athletic sport. You try walking and playing 18-36 holes in a day, and you'll find out.

Nascar requires athletisism, but is not itself, athletic. To elaborate a bit, it requires someone in pretty good physical condition to endure the long races they have, but racing itself will not put you in that condition. You have to get that way by other means.

Raistlin Majere

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Golf is like baseball, fun to play, torture to watch.

Race car drivers have to be in good shape in order to steer the car and to handle the g-forces of 4+ on the turns. The idea of golf being more strenuous is laughable.

Spawn of God

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golf...?GOLF?! sure its fun to play put-put (or however thats spelled) if its a really wack-job course, but GOLF? i hate golf...its like a clown: its supposed to be fun, but its EVIL


Never played, seems extremely boring though, but also seems like it requires a lot of skills.
I don't think comparing golf with racing is appropriate though, too much differences.


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I like golf, fun to play and to watch (sometimes).

I was watching the Masters yesterday and you can't tell me that some of those shots (Tiger's 16th hole chip) weren't amazing and fun to watch.


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i love love love love love golf. it puts me to sleep if i watch it, but Drunk got me clubs for my birthday, and i never tire of trying to figure out how to hit the stupid little ball correctly. i took beginners golf for a semester once where we got to play on a small 18hole course.... which i feel is vastly superior to the driving range.

of course, i come from a family of golfers, so it may be in my blood.


I like golf. Walking on the fairways with no shoes feel good on your toes. I watch the Masters every year and then I celebrate the end of a boring three days by getting plastered. Everytime I golf I get sunburned so I balance it out with offroading in the golfcart to get a little shade. I am sorry for the complete nonsense in this post. I am not myself today. Let's ride bikes. My uncle owns a golf course. Whee.


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I picked up golf but I dropped it, too tiring for me :(
You need superior upper body management to get it properly and lots of stamina. Golf can be boring but sometimes it just looks amazing on TV.