Do you have a floppy drive?

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Do you have a floppy drive?

If yes do you ever use it?
If no has it ever bothered you not having one?

When answering this poll one should use the following:
-if you have any computer that has a floppy drive that you ever use answer yes
-if your main box doesn't have one, but an older one might, but you never use the floppy drive on the older box either answer no

Personally I don't have one and it's never bothered me.
It bothered a friend who doesn't have a printer once because he thought it was odd using a DVD to store a single text file he needed to print (blank DVDs are cheaper than blank CDs in Canada), but that's not me.


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no and no

even the computers at the computer lab dont have floppy drives anymore (at least, the labs at engineering)


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yes and yes

like your friend i'll use it to move a text/picture files. I also have a dvd-rw but dont use it often, i've had my dvd-rw for bout a year now and i've burnt 1 dvd. I dont have any software to burn my movies :(

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Yes. Easiest way to quickly transfer my docs for school from my laptop to my desktop. Also used for small pictures etc. I know that I could use an USB stick, but I'm "oldskool" :p



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Aye and yes.

Used it just today to transfer a single word document.

Could've used email (prefer that over polluting my flashdisk, which I use solely for the band or real important backups), but this worked just as well and probably more easily too.


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No and No

Got r/w cd's / dvd's and a plug in drive should I need to transfer anything big - and for small stuff there's email.

My old PC did have one - but I never used it so I didn't bother moving it into the new box I bought.



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i've got an old 486 machine that runs dos 6.0 that i use to play my old games - xcom mostly. it still has a 5.25" floppy drive on it. bet some of you kids have never even seen one of those. don't use it though. usb keychain for big stuff, gmail for under 10mb.


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yes i have one in my laptop/pc and use regularly

i also have a 5.25" in an old 486 (runs dos 4.5 cause i was slack and never upgraded)

and the granddaddy of them all i have a 286 (yes you old timers remember these) with a 7" external drive

ok the 286/486 are in the shed but i do have them


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What's email? If I can't use SSH to do something I'm going to claim it's not worth doing ^^

Oh, and I've got a 486 with a 5.25" drive. It has a Turbo button on it. It still works and is still plugged in and still runs windows 3.1. The reason I have it is because...well...I'm not entirely sure myself. I'll have to turn it's processor into bling like my pentium 3 and my 2 pentium 1s.


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Heh, I have a 486 and a 286 sitting in my attic.

I had Bernouli (sp?) Drives for both of them, external for the 286 & internal for the other. GOGO Wasteland/Civ/Bard's Tale series/Sword of Aragon/Railroad Tycoon/ all those good old titles. I had so many games back then that a hard drive wasn't enough, hence the bernouli's (which I think had something like 25 megs or some other ridiculous amount of storage)

Oddly enough I remember when the apple I had was the best gaming machine available to me, you had to insert a floppy just to get a prompt (Zork!!!)

Ahhh... those were the days