Do You Ever Just Hold On To Stuff for No Good Reason? ifra


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Do You Ever Just Hold On To Stuff for No Good Reason?

Like I found this Eth Rattlecage. It's worthless right? Why do I keep it? I just though, "Hmm... you don't see those everyday and it's now wasting 6 slots in my inventory until I throw it on some merc for the next new character.


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That generally happens to me with "shiney stuff", such as runes or diamonds that I have in my stash, though I don't and probably wont use.


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I know what you mean.
I keep most of the uniqs I find during my rushes and think I might use this and this and this when I start a new character some time.
Though the more I play these days, the less I stash stuff like that. I keep Mostly socketables etc.


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I'm a hoarder as well and even though I restricted myself to three mule accounts, I'm still keeping stuff like ethereal Steeldriver, Steel Shade etc. - shiny stuff, as already said. However, when I have to decide whether to keep Steelshade or a shako, I make the right decision :)


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I pick up almost everything that could possibly have good mods. I've picked up magic short swords in Baal runs thinking it could still have crazy mods on it...9 out of 10 times I end up selling it, but it's good fuel for my gambling problem.
I'm up to 4 full accouts, with maybe 10 fully playable characters. The rest are level 1-7 mules or high levels from the .09 patch that lost their power with .10 (Multishot
But yes, I have tons of items that are likely useless, I try having give aways, but half the time even noobs don't want the stuff.



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I didn't count my 6 1.09 accounts (where my 99% complete unique/set collection was stored on) and my 5 ex-ladder ones :lol:. 95% of those mules and characters have expired anyway, including the very first bnet char I made - a frenzy barb who could barely kill the nm Baal minions in 1.09.

When doing Pindle+Eldritch runs, I keep everything which will sell for 35k, so I can visit Anya at the next run to sell it and gamble for amulets. Apart from that, I don't pick up rare swords anymore because 99.999% are worse than Oath.


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I used to do that when I was a beginner at the game. I picked up all gold, gems, rares and stuff. But I figured I would never have enough room.


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but of course you save funny stuff, such as items with cool names, or just plain wierd ones ;)
I still have my 2-3 ruby jewels of fervor, but with fire resists instead of ed, just for the fun.
A bunch of Crown of Ages too (indestructible crowns) bought from vendors.

And my precious! A perfect stat lightsabre named "Luke_Skywalker". Sure, its crap, but cool!! :cool:
lol i did that when i got a wirts leg when i first played

i new it was worth nothing but i was like "OH KOOL IT'S A LEG!"

then threw it out after i found it after a few months lata


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I confess to the Pack Rat Habit as well,, but honestly who needs 4 Naj's circlets ? I also keep stuff with funny mods, I've been trying to weed out duplicate items lately but still find 1 or 2 of some stuff!
I also have a Gem mule, Rune Mule, Charm Mule etc that I haven't looked at in months.



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Me, keep useless stuff.. aaaah, I think it might be usefull sometime... maybe,

16 non ladder charcters that i play regularily on two accounts
10 non ladder mule accounts (all full)
1 ladder account (2 characters, 6 mules)
2 ladder mule accounts (13 mules and increasing)
1 ladder/non ladder account (2 characters ((1 ladder 1 non ladder))


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I used to keep a lot of stuff. Now with my wealth growing, I've thrown away a *lot* of things :lol: !

1. Cheap items => Giveaways (ETF / Random games)
2. Medium items => Sold in ETF / Random games for a few PGems (so that it's always fast trades)
3. Nice items => If good stats, I keep them. If crap stats, see point #2.

So that nowadays, all my items mules are filled up with only nice items with nice stats. That's a lot of mules again, and I didn't even take into account my characters who wear the best stuff.

It's a sort of dichotomic cleanout of my mules, and I think it's the right way to proceed. At the beginning of the Ladder season, you really need to keep all what you find. But more than one year after, there's really a big need to clean those mules.


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i have this anoying habbit of picking up uniqs and crap and then making worthless charracters from them. like for example witchwild bow i see one a crappy one like 150 or something. i start reading on this great zon guide. i got to play her in hell she sux balls her physical dmg maybe 400-500 yea strafe but with that kinda dmg who cares i can only play solo with that. i picked up a heavens light and decided my stupid ass would create a frost zealot big mistake i guess im just not a meleer.

i will always pick up rares and id them for decnt mods ive kept some things like really good 40 lvl items max dmg per lvl and ar per lvl with some ed or ias. yea there nice items but ill never use so y do i hang onto them. got a merc one that does 200-1000 dmg with tons of ar and cold dmg. but ill never use cause there reapors toll with decrep insight with med and obedience just plain omg.