Do you believe in Karma? *Best Amn for Ral deal ever* ifra


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Do you believe in Karma? *Best Amn for Ral deal ever*

The old adage "what goes around comes around" or "every dog has its day" came to me today...

I was transfering solo in a saved passworded game, trying to mule over some Pgems and some sexy jewels incl. ed/IAS, 20+ fire/poison resist/IAS, 35AR/IAS and 15all res/8 minDmg jewel.. Never had a problem muling solo before so when I got dropped and Bnet went "The game does not exist" I went "Noooooooo.... *insert choice expletives here* you, Bnet!!"

Feeling blue, I tried trading my eth Hoz but best offer was a nicely rolled Grief or LW. But the chap wanted me to add.. so I said nty gfy.

I then realised I have a 5os PB on my mule with Eth-Tir-Lo-Mal already socketed but I couldn't find a Ral anywhere. In desperation I put up an 'Amn 4 Ral' game and finally traded away my Amn. I popped the Ral in and did a double my eyes scroll down the can't be...

39% Increased Attack Speed
Damage +400

---- I was already jumping for joy at this point ---
*wait, surely the -poison resist gotta sux*

*looked at the screen again*

-25% to enemy poison resistance
11 Life after each Kill
(ok, a less than max mod)

OMG. Bnet screwed me over and then paid me back with interest... :laugh: Has anything like this happened to you before??


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No, I just get kicked in the "chubis" most of the time. Fortunately I have two computers and don't get kicked to often though unless I am careless, in a hurry or lazy.

Nice roll there. *Insert GG words here for you!*


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You have reminded me that *Someone* owe me a magical ral.
Once I gave a ral to him because his rals keep giving him non 5os berserker axe. When I gave my ral to him...
5 socket berserker axe.
Nice roll, btw :laugh:

OMG another bragging thread again!


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wow, so many well known posters in one thread... :)

at first, I thought the OP lost more than he gained. I guess the OP's grief more than compensated his loss????

xix sephra

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first off nice roll.

second off that eth hoz even at low % is worth 4+ really good griefs :p...

If you have a eth hoz can you not kill countess in nm.. or just that lazy...

brag threads make baby jesus cry -3 on post