Do synergies compound?


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Do synergies compound?

I have a question...say I have a skill with two other skills maxed out that give +5% damage per level. Would my damage then be:

Damage*(1+1)*(1+1)--that is, 1+100% bonus and multiplied each time


Damage*(1+1+1)--that is, 100% plus the synergies each time?


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Re: Do synergies compound?

the synergy-effects are already calculated and displayed by the game.

all synergies are calculated additive, meaning: when you have three synergies each giving +8% damage and put 10 points into them, you will get 80% extra damage on your base skill no matter how you distribute your points between those skills.

if you look at combat skills that already have ed, the synergy ed will be added (and as soon as you put those points displayed).

skill calc: