Do poison nova stack?


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Do poison nova stack?

if you spam poison novas does the damage then stack?


P. nova damage = 5000 in 2sec

If I then cast 3 p. novas in less than 2 secs, will the damage be 15000 in 2 secs (well its actually a bit more than 2 secs, because I have not taken into account that i use time to cast novas, but you should get the idea)

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Re: Do poison nova stack?

Not only they don't stack, if your nova does 4200-4300 damage and the first one rolls 4300 and the 2nd one rolls 4200, the one that rolled 4200 will do absolutely nothing. Therefore you should time your novas to hit a fraction of a second after the 2s duration is other (less for highly resistant mobs).

This is following the general rule of poisons that the higher damage/sec poison overrides the lower damage/sec poison, and nothing else matters here. Some poison sources stack (in a wierd way, for example poison dagger and poison damage charms) when applied with the same attack and some don't, but 2 different poison attacks never ever stack - always override.