Discussion PvM Fury hybrids.


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Discussion PvM Fury hybrids.

Ok, well I'm trying to create a Fury Hybrid I guess. I like fury. Yea I think I heard it's probably not a good idea because it requries different kind of equipment and what not, but humer me.

What do you think?

Fury + kicker:

add 18-20 Dragon talon, points get taken from envenom or something. Ideas?

Why I don't know. I like kicking things really fast. But will it work?

Fury + trapsin (more traps)

Points get shifted from Master and other stuff into lightning traps.

add + 20 LS, + 20 Charged bolt and + 20 web and maybe some other goodies.

It would require to have probably no S Master at all. Low fade and no envenom. Will it work? Is it needed? I already have Death traps. But I thought it might add something to the build.. like maybe some pvp capibilites. I don't know I kind of just want to be able to roast stuff with traps too. Shrug. Would be like a Trapper with Fury as a backup, which I hear people don't reccomend. I wan't fury to be my main attack. Maybe not always my best attack, but my main attack.

I'm thinking the kick might be better as it takes less points. But is it even needed as Fury kind of does the same job right?

Any input is welcome thanks.


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I'd think fury + kicker with a point or two in DS. But don't take points from venom (way do u write envenom? german version or something?) because it adds to kick and BF damage.

I'm not saying BF + traps are impossible. It might be quite viable just don't know how. Anyone know?


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Thank you for the info. Any other ideas or suggestions?

I say envenom because I thought that was what the skills was called. I guess not.

It simply means to poison, where as Venom just means poison, both being english, though, I don't know the language of origin.


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Its name is venom yes; well not that it's a big deal, just sounded funny :p

Well I u use a high lvl CoS then you may be able to BF with normal trapper gear (getting most of the damage from venom). Don't really know what else to suggest...


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My sin – no deaths one save and exit had:

1 BF
20 LS
20 FB
20 DS
1 Venom
1 Claw mastery and blocking
Rest in Lightning Trap for synergy to FB/DS and LS.

Shadow master was enough to cast at level 17 with plus skills.

I had mind blast and cloak of shadows but didn't need them.

I used 2 plus 2 Assassin claws (bought from the shops in act 5) rather than 2 x Traps – as it gave plus to shadow Master/Fade/Claw Mastery, Venom and Blocking (saving a lot of points) which I thought was better than the Traps claws.

On switch I had a black club for 40% CB and wore Goblin toes to make 65% CB plus that shield that gives 50% open wounds which I stuck a rune in to raise the blocking.

I used dex to keep my claw block and shield block the same (49%).

The idea was lay the traps or lob the fire bombs cast venom, fade and shadow master and then switch to use Fury – (black also has knockback which is good with it as well).

Very safe and fun build able to solo all areas including Hell Ancients (I play single player).