Diminishing D2 community? WoW to blame?


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Diminishing D2 community? WoW to blame?

Hi boys and girls, long time since I started a thread in here now...

Q: Has anyone (blizz?) been doing any numbers as for how many D2 players started to play WoW instead of D2? I'm thinkin over an extended period here, and WoW hasn't been out in an extended period yet, but I'd like to know anyway.

If anyone have been giving it any thought, please make a "qualified guess" or paste a link or something below ;)


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Half of the people who make a goodbye thread here said they will start with WoW. I guess it's normal because WoW is the same genre and Diablo=old and WoW=new, so you can't blame anybody or anything for that. I for myself am still reluctant, but Diablo starts to get a little boring, so I guess I will buy WoW on Saturday when the next bunch of copies will be released.

I normally need a little time to stop doing things which I did for several years and in fact I never played a game as intensively as Diablo 2. I guess that tells a lot, as I'm 37 years old and I'm playing computer games for about 20 years now. BTW, #2 is Angband which has a lot of common things with Diablo, although it lacks multiplayer support.


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I take a long time to stop playing games I've devoted much time to myself, heck, I'm still unable to say the word "no" when someone challenges me to a game of StarCraft....

FYI I'm going to play D2 like crazy if ladder season 3 starts, however, I'm only 22 years old, and will probably "move on" too... some day.


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I've been playing Angband since 1992 :) And Moria before that since 1988... Diablo has always been a rip off of those roguelike games.

I don't play D2 online and for about the same reason I'm not likely to ever play WoW. I strenuously object to any game released as online only. But, alas, it appears my demographic is too small to have much impact.


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While I also still play D2, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I find some other game to consume my free time and piss off my girlfriend even more. If they restart ladder, that would probably delay me leaving D2 for a little while longer... WoW for some reason doesn't appeal to me- I was hooked for awhile on warcraft 1 & 2 but never got into 3 or WoW, and I don't plan to since WoW costs monthly- I already have too many other monthly bills as it is.

Before D2, I remember waisting whole days, if not weeks, playing Civilization 3 with friends(talk about the most time consuming game ever); if they came out with another one of those, I'd be screwed. But I have been looking at the possibility of picking up Guildwars(seems similar to Diablo), at least until they decide to release D3(hopefully).

Diablo appeals to me more mostly due to the character customization and the searching for good gear; while WoW seems to have the character customization, I've heard it's a bit tedious and it doesn't seem to have the cool item-dropping focus that Diablo has(isn't it based on how much gold you have?). I guess I'd try WoW if there wasn't a charge, or if you could play offline.


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Diminishing? I'm not having any problems finding people to play with. Check out Homeworld 2. There's a game whose multiplay tragically never really got off the ground.


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I have stopped playing D2 twice now but still came back after a long break. the last one was more than 2 years. I think the only reason i wouldnt come back is if there was no one else playing.


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Slightly OT comment ...

I've noticed over the years that the D2 community has (obviously) shrunk. Heck, D2 has been out forever. I played the original ... took some time off, came back for a mid patch and took more time off and then came back for the 1.10 patch of LoD.

I've noticed that the Single Player community of which i'm a regular has the most activity by far on the forums. Perhaps it's a natural progression of things. At any one time you can have 20-30 active members on the SPF while other forums i'd be the only active person perusing the threads.

As for WoW i'd like to give it a try but i'm not going to pay to play online. I only play D2 on my laptop ... at work ... anyways, but I still enjoy it quite a bit. Got alot out of my initial investment that's for sure.


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i'm WOW-ing my brains out currently.
now, if they developed a 3D-D3, i'd be back in style, but until then, gimme my night elf druidess and my tauren warrioress.