Community DiiHC Clan TeamSpeak Server!


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Fellow clanmates!

I'm paying for an TeamSpeak server, for both us, and some members of the Shattered Soulstone community.

Personally, I really suck at playing and typing, which is one of the reasons that when I'm in game, you may have to message me multiple times in order to get a response.

So get yourself a nice Headset and Mic, and come chat.
I've got multiple gaming rooms setup so that you can effectively communicate with your party, if you like.
Or, you could just hang out in the rough and raunchy chat that takes place in the lobby. :p(admittedly I'm the cause of some of the blush-worthy topics). Hey Diablo 3 is a mature rated game! ;)

Now that being said the rules are pretty simple:

1. KNOW how to adjust your audio so that you aren't broadcasting every sound that is your general area!!!!
2. No hate speak! SERIOUSLY! If you're a racist, then piss-off we don't want you!
3. Trash talk is fine, but remember we are all human beings, and you don't like being told you're a "piece of crap" so try to treat others like you would like to be treated.

Ok, so here is the connection info:

TeamSpeak Host Address =
Password = boltress

I'm an East Coaster, so I tend to be on between 5PM & Midnight, but the server is open 24 hours!


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Thanks Cyber! I know I've hopped on quite a bit myself and also use mumble and vent with different online friends as well. If you have not played and chatted it can really enhance the gaming experience and feeling of community.


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Though I am no longer in the DiiHC clan, I am leaving this post up, and folks are always welcome to hop onto TeamSpeak and chat with other hardcore players.


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Thanks Cybr. Sorry to see you go but at least you're still sticking with HC. :)

Always been meaning to hop onto TS - I'll give it a try sometime this week. Like you, I suck at typing and playing; I have to be in town to make any sense. :)