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<Digital Villains> new D2/3 Clan [US-East] LF members/friends

Discussion in 'Player Matchup' started by Zoltar, Feb 18, 2012.

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    Jan 23, 2012
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    <Digital Villains> new D2/3 Clan [US-East] LF members/friends

    Hi! Digital Villains is a long-standing MMO guild, and we are looking to establish a Diablo community. We are not a mega-guild or anything like that, but we have a solid active membership in WOW and SW:TOR. We also have a website and ventrillo server that support a larger community of friends, active members, former/inactive members, etc. We will be focused on US-East, but all are welcome to join regardless of realm, ladder/nl, hc, sc, or single player.

    Digital Villains and Diablo:

    We are a MMO guild, so why Diablo? First of all, because I love Diablo 2:LOD and many of our members will be playing Diablo 3 when it comes out. What I hope to do is establish a foundation for a Diablo community that will inevitably expand with the coming of D3. I think that the infrastructure that our guild has and the type of social community we run will translate very well to Diablo 2 and 3.

    Who are we looking for and what to expect:

    *Anyone from a total noob to a grizzled veteran is welcome. I am fairly new to D2 myself.
    *We are a pretty laid back guild. If you take yourself too seriously or are easily offended, we might not be the place for you.
    *We want to foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and cooperation. That doesn't mean begging and looking for handouts.
    *We have a website and use ventrillo. Members are encouraged to make use of them, thought it isn't required.
    *Though I'm more interested in pve these days, we have a long history of excellence in PVP. We had our server's first high warlord and several others after that. I'm sure there will be a good contingent of players interested in D3 areans and other PVP.

    About Me:

    Many people know me as Zoltar which was my original wow character/handle, but I also go by Melkar which has long since become my main (orc shaman). I joined Digital Villains shortly after the guild moved from AC2 to WoW on the Azgalor server and have been a part of the DV community ever since. For a couple of years I left WOW to play Lord of the Rings Online, but I returned for the Cataclsym expansion where I have been an officer and the raid leader for our guild. As far as Diablo is concerned, I played a little back in the day, but with D3 coming out I decided to really get into D2. I've always been a big necro fan, and that's what I mostly play. I am an admitted D2 neophyte, so another of my goals here is to find people to learn from and that I can rely on to step up to leadership roles.


    comment here, PM, email or AIM at [email protected]

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