different take on a foher

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zaxs left nut

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different take on a foher

i have only posted here afew time and never ever on any forum put a build up but her it goes (p.s. i need some feedback)

stg: enough for equip

dex:enough for max block w/ hs

vit:any left over

energy: lol

skill allocation

foh 20
holy shock 20
conviction enough to put it over 25 w/ or w/o charms and equip(1 think i have 12 in it right now)
lightning resist 20

can't remeber the amount of pre reques and i only have 1 in hs but the gear brings it up.

your all probly thinking why in the hell is there an added 20 to light res?
well you can all probly guess whats coming in the gear section


helm: dream (mine is in a 15% sup deamon head, bone visage is prefered)

sheild: dream

weapon: this is really open to you. i use a -20/18 +2 foh/hs sceptor that a
noob trade me for cheap. but any of the normal foh weps will work

belt: arachs for the +1 to skill

rings: i use bk for skill and a life/res/stg rare ring (b/c i like not dieing to elemental dmg)

ammy: maras. thats the only thing i'm listing cuz for an ist u can get a 20 res one, and if you got the funds for a foher like this you can afford it.

armor: i have a coh on now and a bp nigma in stash for pesky ppl

boots: i'm using treks but really boots don't matter much in this build.

gloves: this is where i would like some suggestions. right now i have bloodfists on b/c i don't know what else to wear, maybe some frosties for mana.

so far this build has lost to one godly zealot, btw its not done yet and won't be done till lvl 85 or so. it does 7k charge with only one pt in it with the convc aura on.(thats with the foh stick) and does 3.8k foh dmg and who knows what the pulse dmg is on it (still not fully synergiesed).

well thats my first shot at a guide to a build. i dont really charge around like a cheap auradin, all i have to do is stand in range of foh and well foh the hell outta them. the pulses weaken the **** outta them also.

if this doesn't exist already what should i call it? foradin :p


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There is already a build for this but I may be mistaken, I belive I seen a build like this but with dragon items. I also thought of using FoH with duel dreams as well but not sure on how it will do in pvp.


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these builds should have high open wounds dmg

i don't get it ...

is this a thead on your build, a half-ass weak guide, you would just get sorbed easy T_t and your charge dmg realling on light dmg yea...


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This is more of a caster build...So open wounds would be pretty useless and unnecessary. Go make a sorc/trapper and get sorbed easy too? Everyone should be making phys/magic dmg chars then.

Any elemental damage character can be absorbed, and this would be one of the harder ones to absorb (fire/light sorcs/trappers have little -res).

Get a Grief PB on switch and charge/smite absorbers.

I could imagine this is a real pub killer though...

zaxs left nut

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well to the asshole who called it a half-ass weak build, its almost the same as a straight up foher and they are pretty good in duels. also if you wanna absorb me you had better have a 4 p top sheild in your stash and a tgods on. also what crawled up your ass, did i say anything mean or wrong; is the build any worse than the daydreamer (which got no flaming such as you are doing to me). i thought these forums were supposed to be about helping not coming in and jumping on someone. and on another note i raped one of those so called "shamen builds" it was laughable at best. it should be completely dont by the end of today, then i can see what kinda dmg it really does. i hope the rest of the members of this board aren't as big of a dick as loveplayboy is.


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@LoVePlAyBoY and zaxs left nut:

both of you should cool it. Flaming is strictly prohibited here. Post has been reported.


the problem is that ur guide is too vague.u didnt even have a specific detail about how to duel or what to use, and beside there is already a foher guide. This isnt a real pub killer.

u better re-focus on ur guide.

zaxs left nut

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i was kinda askin for advice sorta. like i stated i never did a guide before. and as for the flaming i didn't start it. i just wanted some help and this seems to be the place to get it. also i dont see what i did as flaming i just answered back to a very ill mannered person. i do hope someone can help give me some pointers on what i have and haven't done right.


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It doesn't matter who starts it. Flames and trolling is not getting anyone, anywhere, but a kick out the door.

I'm at work atm so until then,
I'm closing this thread I will decide later today what needs to be done with the two members here. Might be 3 day bans or permit bans.
You'll get an E-mail from me also.

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