Died on Ubermeph. Lag or gameplay?


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Hi, and excuse foreign english.

The unfortunate of the thing is first, of course, that it was HC, but second, as I say, that I'm not sure if it happened by natural gameplay (aka my fault) or some connection issue, so I ask to know if I rather did a mistake with defense settings.

I was doing well, Meph almost dead, under LT, never below 3/4 of 3600 hp, even merc healthy with gladis, fade precast and inflicting slow with kelpie - suddenly instant death.

I didn't notice lag issues during the fight, although before, clearing Miniubers, I noticed some minor lag, suddenly being "teleported" some inches from where I stood. But just like 5-10 seconds after death, connection was interrupted and I got a message of internet connection loss. Here is where my doubt comes from...

Back to my gameplay settings, gearwise the best I've ever had, pure Smiter with Chains of Honor and Grief, but maybe not the safest: No Salvation, Strings instead of Thunders, but 240 allres with fade, light stacked to 310 (83 max res), cold 255, raven and dwarf. I was only careless with cold, only drank 2 potions (didn't know they stack more), so it might be that the effect +50 wore off so that I was left with just the 255 resi, which under conviction i think its still 30 positive. Could that still suffice for a 1HKO?