Didn't see a tech problems forum

Didn't see a tech problems forum

but I have a problem at my dad's. Whenever I play, it works for about 5 minutes and then freezes. Standard procedures (alt-tab, alt-f4, ctrl-alt-delete, ctrl-break) don't work, so I restart. The same thing happens, over and over. Any ideas as to what's wrong and how I could fix it?


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Mayb if you gave the specs of the computer people would be able to help you better.


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Possible errors:

* Over heating. Try and see if your graphics card has a thermometer (desktop->properties->settings->advanced...).

* Also, open the bios and see if the mother board has a thermometer.

* It could also be some sort of virus, so run a check.

* Install latest graphics drivers.

* Run a windows update, there are quite a few safety-holes as it is.

Good luck!


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Im having the same problem sometimes. My game just freezes when i try to click one of my characters in the character selection. No way to exit the game then. So its power off -> restart.

But what maybe can help you. If that happens it seems to help if you start the game in window mode. Then i can select my char, exit the game, restart in normal mode and everything works fine.

I tried posting in the bnet support forums, but noone could help. I also reinstalled the game and complete windows, but that didnt help.

Hope it helps a bit.

EDIT: no virus, not to hot, latest drivers ... tried all but didnt help.


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I would go to Microsoft's Windows update page here and check to make sure that all the driver updates are done and that he has the latest version of directx, although it should at least work with version 8.

The two drivers you need to sure of are the obvious ones, sound and video. If it's an ATI card then there are available drivers from previous versions that are known to work. Here's a link from ATI's page drivers

Hope this helps, if not, continue posting or send Blizzard an email to the address here .