Did you ever play on the realms?


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Did you ever play on the realms?

This may be a "no-no", bring up the realms here. But I'd like to know if you ever played on the realms, how long, do you still have accounts there, how many characters did you pat or mat, and what is the best story you brought here with you. Was someone a complete moron that you played with? Was there a PK in one of your games who you actually killed? (LOL!) What is the best story about the realms you can give us?


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I played on the realms for a few months. I also played for a month or so first when d2 came out. Got a few lvl 80+ mats/pats. I would love to get em to SP but i can't :(

My best story hrmmm......

Well, i had a lvl 5 barb and someone entered the game and gave me a exec with +2 skills, 8 %ll, ias and a big dmg% bonus. It was godly for classic!


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:lol: It is not against the rules to talk about the realms. It is only against the rules to post cheats, hacks, and websites relating to them.

For me personally, I have only spent a total of two hours on the realm. I just could not fit in with the people there and I couldn't stomach all the internet garbage talk.

Anyways with the legit and wonderful players of SPF, who needs the realms? SPF members even type understandable post. :thumbsup:


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TekkaZeroX said:
:lol: It is not against the rules to talk about the realms. It is only against the rules to post cheats, hacks, and websites relating to them.
And the difference is......?

lol j/k :lol:

I played on the realms for a long time before I started playing SP. It wasn't so bad for me at first because a bunch of my friends played Bnet as well so I really didn't have to venture into the greater "community" that often. When my friends started quitting I started playing in public games which weren't all that interesting because everyone had the same characters with the same gear. Then I found the AB (I don't know if i can mention it here) and I had some fun playing with them. There are tons of good legit realm players out there you just have to filter through all the spammers, n00bs, PKs, haXX0rs, etc.

Hythopian Shade

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I got a barb to. . . level 6 once, then I didn't play him for about 4 months, so he got deleted. Thats about it for my realm play.

Liter Soul

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I played on the realms for the first year and a half, maybe two that I played. (however long the game's been out minus a few months.)

# of Mats/Pats: I can't tell you how many matriarchs/patriarchs/baronesses/barons I've had. Basically one for every feasable build in 1.09, D2Classic included.

I have a number of very humerous stories about killing PK's, a few of them in Hardcore.

One in particular, I had a Lancer Whirly barb come into a hardcore d2 classic 1.09 game. He hostiled an entire party of 7 people who were doing the Nightmare Chaos Sanctuary (most around level 50, my Necro at 40. I was daring). Well, he hostiles us and comes chasing after us. He whirls down one, two three four, five six. Then there was me staring at a level 90 Lancer barb. He whirls. He had no time to see what kind of necromancer I was: Iron Maiden. All of a sudden he has a blood golem in front of him and is getting hit for 850% of his own damage. Cheers raged from the recently slain like death rattles, and they all stayed to watch my level 40 beat Nightmare Diablo alone, save the whirly barb. But I had an ear.

Another good story was about Hardcore Classic Necromancer # 2. CoffinNail. He only played alone in full games, an Iron Maiden/Blood Golem/Blood Spirit build. In a full game, at level 36, Hell Diablo was slain. All of the others in the game were stunned. They were partied and they knew it had to have been me who killed Hell Diablo, yet I was a paltry 36 Necromancer. I rejoiced for 81 seconds, "Lord Diablo, I have bested you." I decided it was time to level this master. I go into the first loaded game I find, and I told a number of people of my exploits, to 'oooh's and 'ahhh's. I looked near Akara and found none other than a Red portal. I decided, what the hell, I can take the lord of Terror, I can take some prime rib. I go through the portal. My screen goes black. Then I see about 60 cows, including 3 uniques and the cow king surrounding a now very dead necromancer. So he lived about 2 minutes after slaying diablo.

I must say of all the characters I've ever played, there was none I liked more than my blizzard/hydra 1.09 LoD sorceress.


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Hythopian Shade said:
I got a barb to. . . level 6 once, then I didn't play him for about 4 months, so he got deleted. Thats about it for my realm play.
This sounds like my Realms career, pretty much. :drool:


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I never played on the realms. I always thought it to be a disadvantage that in order to play, you had to be online, with no way to back up the character. I didn't even know the realms existed for the first year I played. I just always clicked on "Single Player" because there's only one of me.


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After the 1.10 patch I played sporadically on the Realms, however once I'd discovered that I wasn't actually MPing with anyone (except for one group of people I helped out in Act 1 Normal once) I sorta gave up...


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I only played on the realms from the time of the expansion (when I began playing, save for a few times), until about the time when sojs were worth next to nothing - around the time 1.10 was starting to be talked about (just after the HUGE dupefest).

I quit because a few of my main accounts were password hacked, items stolen, and characters deleted (this was just after the soj value dropped like a rock). They stole probably a good 500$ worth of stuff in ebay back when unid'd Windforces were at like 30$. I had 2 accounts of lvl 90-95s and was workin on my third.

Ever since then I never wanted to play on the realms again and lose everything. I've learned to really like the SPF forums now.


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i played hc on the realms for 4 years before going single player. I was getting way to addicted to it and i find single player easier to turn off :) I had many 90 + chars over the years and i prob killed well over 100 pkers with my lld pkks.
The funniest thing that ever happened was when i was helping some guys do travical in norm with my 92 java zon ( 1500 life/25% dr/ 75 % block ) , and a lvl 18 pally hostiled the group not realizing i was there. He run up to me missed with his charge. I hit him once with my charged strike took his silly little ear :)
I dont have any accounts anymore. Last month i gave them all away.


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I played on the realms briefly when 1.10 came out. Managed to pat a Cleric built around Holy Bolt/FOH and meditation. My party of four had fun going all the way from lvl 1 to about lvl 78 when we killed hell baal......that was really satisfying, until we made a big mistake joining public games and/or allowing others to join us in our private ones.....I kinda gave up after all that spamming, begging blah blah......and just when my interest started to wane, well...I found SPF.... :clap:

A nice game I joined was full of spellcasters and it was funny when they wondered why their mana was not really dropping much and they could spam their spells for so long. After that, most of them learned of the aura called meditation..... :lol:

Then there were games with people wondering why I was shooting "things" (Holy Bolts) at them....some even actively avoided me as they thought I was trying to harm them!

Morons: Those that come in and spam TP! TP! TP! TP! TP! TP! TP! TP!

PKs: Fortunate to only have met one....we tped to let him know where we were after he hostiled us......then went back to town to chit chat when he finally got to where we were....lol!


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I played on the realms after I finished normal for the first time (I played only on the realms apart form one amazon I had which I played with some friends tcp/ip). I only stopped about 6 months ago when I moved into the hostel I'm in so I can't play MP anymore. I had some friends that played on bnet and met some nice people to play with so it wasn't bad. I met a lot more nice people then I did of others (although I refused to play hc because of the pk's using trigger hack and hexes etc.) maybe I'm just lucky.


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I played on the realms for a loooong time - the first time around I had about 4 level 99's and the second time around (after an 8 month break) I built a further 3 chars to 99 and about 12 to level 90+ hehe. My ex-boyfriend, our housemate and I all played. On the weekends another couple of guys would come over and we all played. Also a heap of people we knew from quake 2 all played as well. All my accounts are gone since 1.10 came in which is kinda sad - I had some awesome stuff (legitimate) I used to spend hours trading through D2 net and made a lot of soj with my crafting of uber blood rings and caster belts =) I never multiplayed with people I didn't know except for cow runs so it really isn't a great loss.

I did a lot of dueling but it got ridiculous with all the Ith items etc so I gave it all up and now play single player after cancelling my Daoc accounts. I am at the moment trialling Horizons free for a week but it isn't doing it for me.

I am just waiting for WoW really - already have a clan setup etc :clap: can't wait!


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i actually played realms for a year before i tried sp the first time, then went back for another year and a half before coming back to sp.

my greatest stories all revolve around my legit pvp necro pwning their not so 1337 @$$3S. ahh....the good times


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i played on the realms for a long time. it did get a little bit boring after a while but one thing i do miss is dueling, i guess some people do do it on single player but it doesnt work out for me. ive had godly characters with best legit gear and best hacked gear on the realms. been hacked about 5 times, loosing ~15 different accounts. even after changing passwords each time. i could come back with the help of friend but the last time i was hacked was near 1.10 and it became hard to get back to the higher status with the anti rush and it eliminated what i liked to do most which was duel so i gave up on the realms and came to play the game real on SP. its been a lot of fun, probably more than the realms :)


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yeah, and it was a pretty pointless 20 min too, since i made a private game and played solo. :teeth: guess i'm just made for single player.


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played lots of realm, pk, pkk, duels and usuall mp's... but there's a reason why i stopped and went SP, l337^^!!!1one boOsT PlZ WUg!!

got lots of stories etc, but no time to post those ;) hehe nah, maybe i'll make a Book or something off those stories, now thatwould be the day :lol:

battlenet Vs. SPF, brutal victory for SPF imo :clap:



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I think realm play might be fun if you built up a character solo, and then joined other experienced gamers for NM/Hell. I have tried a few chars but haven't gone far; I find it hard to just "jump" in to a game with strangers.



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The sum total of my Realm experience was about 2 hours--long enough to get to Andariel in a new game. Frankly, I didn't like it. My playing style tends to be fairly slow and cautious, whereas if you're playing on the Realms you tend to get people running as hard as they can for the next Act Boss just to level up a bit. I don't play that way, and since I didn't see the point of creating Realm characters just to play passworded single player games, I stopped.