Did the "made me laugh" thread just get deleted? <


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Did the "made me laugh" thread just get deleted?

Did someone violate forum rules? I was just gonna post...

Ah well.


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yeah.. hellfire, acted like hellfire and people didn't enjoy it.. i imagine it got deleted before it got any worse.


who all likes pie?? I love pie, in fact my old forum name and email is [email protected]

Apple's the best pie tho, it dominates all others.


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Aw c'mon, how can anyone reasonably expect Hellfire to act like anything other than Hellfire? Besides, he's really entertaining in a train-wreck sorta way. Kinda like that Marylin Manson guy except with fewer syllables per word.
What happened to the binary thread!? That was an awesome thread. Just needed the title changed.

EDIT: hmmm I seemed to have lost like 20 posts, guess they went with the binary.


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Blast my thread got deleted. I hope thats the one you guys are talking about. What was wrong with the title.