Did Salazar, the Cleric, make Patriarch?


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Did Salazar, the Cleric, make Patriarch?

One look at the screenshot and you would think yes, right?

Well, no... He didn't make it because when I click on the Portal, Tyrael goes through his speech again...


The first wave was easy, second was even easier (due to all being undead and the Holy Bolts after FoH), third wave was ok, fourth wave had to be divided, and the fifth wave was close... a lot of NDEs, but I got them up where Baal was and sat in the corner casting FoH until they died :grin:

Baal wasn't that hard except for the firebreath that mana burns... That kinda sucked... A lot of casting FoH and running around to avoid the mana burn...

Will post again here after I get through Baal again (it should be easier this time since I know what NOT to do...)

Wish me luck :thumbsup:



Ok, I pressed Save and Exit, and it went through the movie and gave me THIS great screen :thumbsup: Will gather his info and post in a separate post :grin:


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Here are the Stats on Salazar:

Character name  : Salazar
Character type  : Paladin
Character level : 80
Character exp   : 742087735

Strength        : 156
Energy          : 15
Dexterity       : 144
Vitality        : 175
Stat Points Rem : 5
Skill Points Rem: 1

Life            : 976 / 722
Mana            : 255 / 132
Stamina         : 334 / 312
Items Used:

Up'd Vipermagi
Arachnid Mesh
Rare 10% FCR Ring
Up'd Magefist
Crescent Moon/Spirit

Charms to fill in mainly FRes, lots of life, and fr/w...

Big thx to Milb for supplying some items that I didn't have (ie, Arachnid's Mesh and Mara's primarily)...

This was fun, but quite a pain really... The delay on FoH makes you run around like a chicken waiting to cast another and do it all over...

Plans for Salazar --> Run Undead Areas... Will see what I can do to add MF... I'm thinking Mausoleum/Pindle...

To those with Clerics in progress --> PATIENCE IS KEY!!!




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Congratulations! :thumbsup:

A couple questions:
1. How did you use the equipped weapons/shields? I mean that Crescent moon/Spirit looks like it's meant for casting FoH, but Stormeye/HoZ looks exactly the same, meant for casting FoHs, just crappier ones. Or could it be about surviving... Can you explain a bit about the weapon switches to this narrow-sighted dumbass? :hide:
2. I noticed you have quite a lot of strenght. I assume that the Spirit you're using is in Monarch, but it could've been done in Pala shield. This was a screw-up or planned thing?

But nice work. I'm so 'boom-boom-whack-and-done-guy' that I could never do a Pat like this. Although the build and name is very fascinating... Cleric... mmm... (Tupsi has obviously seen the movie Equilibrium too many times)


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Grats..wow,patted a cleric solo..
btw wondering,u can upgrade vipermagi?i tot onli exc weapons can b upped in SP?correct me if im wrong..=)


Glad to see you've taken him to Patriarch. Congrats! :thumbsup:

You can't get away with such a short write-up though! Give us the skill levels, dmg numbers, Hellforges, good drops, problematic areas, playing strategies etc.


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After reading zarirazz´post 3 times, I think I understood the question.

Yes, you can upgrade any and all exceptional unique items to elite in SP (rares too, for that matter).

A question for the original poster: what does the skill distribution look like, and what was the merc type, and what gear did he/she use?


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To handle it one by one:

@Harrid --> Extra Def :tongue: it was on my Meteorb, but I borrowed them for the extra FCR...

@Tupsi --> 1. Of course I used the Crescent Moon/Spirit for normal FoH casting (FCR), but using that setup, my Res (especially fire) was a little low. So I had Storm Eye for the Bonus to FoH and HoZ for the extra Res (against Fire Enchanted monsters) This way my life wouldn't go down as fast. 2. Yes, 156 STR is for Spirit, but also Stormshield (If i ever find one) to help with DR as I run around a lot and DR will help tremendously...

@zarirazz --> You can upgrade Norm Uniques (Weaps AND Armor) to Excep... and you can upgrade Excep Uniques (Weaps AND Armor) to Elite... Check the Horadric Cube Recipes on the Arreat Summit (If you haven't added it to your favorites yet, I highly suggest it :grin:

@ Thyiad --> THANKS :thumbsup:

Like I said, this build is REALLY slow... FoH wouldn't do anything (especially in higher player settings) without Conviction... Stormeye gives +3 Holy Bolt, so that's another reason it is on switch right now (Until I get HotO) for when I come upon Undead. It helps a lot... I will post Dmgs here in a minute... Let me go get screenies...



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Saw my name mentioned so I had to comment!

Congrats on the Pat! :thumbsup:

Do you think this would be viable in HC?


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I didn't take screenies of Off. and Def. Auras because there is minimal change. Holy Shock just gets +3 and Res Light gets a bonus, but both are really negligible since Synergies are based on HARD skill pts...

Combat Skills (CM/Spirit)
Combat Skills on Switch (SE/HoZ)
Res and FoH Dmg

Milb said:
Saw my name mentioned so I had to comment!

Congrats on the Pat! :thumbsup:

Do you think this would be viable in HC?
Honestly --> No... LoL... I died way to many times with this char... I think the Uber 1337 HC players could, but it would be a challenge in my eyes :grin:

OH YEAH, I had a Merc, I think he was hiding... Now that I look at the screenshot, I must've hit Z or something (going for the Alt key maybe?) because his portrait isn't up there... Let me go get a screenie of the merc (Borrowed gear from my Meteorb's Merc)...

Merc Gear and Stats - Holy Freeze Merc, Sorry!!!


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That is some SICK merc damage there. Did your character actually need to do any damage himself?

What is that green armor btw?


How about a CM & HoZ combo? It's not like you can spam FoH...

and I assume in addition to those in the screenshot, you have 20 HShock and -65% (lvl 8 including +skills) Conviction, right?

Edit: jinsonz, I think it's the unique Kraken Shell, Leviathan. Nice dmg indeed (Insight Colossus Voulge?), but he's doing 3k dmg himself boosted by Conviction!


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@jiansonz --> Leviathan :grin:

@Llathias --> HShock is Lvl 28 with CM/Spirit, Lvl 31 with SE/Switch, and Conviction is Lvl 9 on both, -70%...

Let me switch Spirit and HoZ and find out the Skill Placement...

Will edit in a few mins...


Ok when switched, CM and HoZ gives Lvl 30 FoH, with SE and Spirit, Lvl 29. True it's evened out between the two weap/shield slots, it's almost 200 less dmg between Lvl 30 and Lvl 31...

The max FoH Dmg is 3060 with CM/HoZ
The max FoH Dmg is 2904 with SE/Spirit

The max FoH Dmg is 3216 with SE/HoZ
The max FoH Dmg is 2748 with CM/Spirit

Also, the MIN FoH Dmg is 3096 with SE/HoZ...

Of course I can't wait to see HotO's numbers :grin:


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You gonna smash that thing in order to get to the portal :grin:

Anyway, congrats!
Isn't that hilarious... I was like, OMG!!!

So I saved the screenie, then Save and Exit'd.......

I expected the Character Screen to show up, but it started going through the ending movie, I was like, Huh? Then the Pat screen came up, so I saved that screenie, then posted it :grin:

FoH doesn't do enough Dmg to break that pillar :tongue:




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Suiling said:
Perhaps Blessed Hammer can :grin:
[badjoke] This isn't MC Hammer time!!! [/badjoke]

Besides, I HATE Blessed Hammer with a [badjoke] Dol Ort Eld Lem [/badjoke]

BTW --> Those runes make Passion :grin: